My name is Riley

I am somewhat new to social media and I am trying to find footing in their new path of life. I live in New Jersey, and I am about to go to college! I love to chill with my friends and make fun videos. I always wanted to be a YouTuber, so here’s to new adventures in 2019! My username for almost all social media is Fictional_Angel! For some reason, on Snapchat it’s fictional.angel, please follow and friend me! I hope you enjoy my page, have a great day(or night)!!

My top picks

My top 5 favorite things!

These are my top five favorite things!


Number Five

SUNSETS! I know it’s cliché for a gal to like sunsets, but the way that the colors light up the sky before the sun goes to bed just always put a smile on my face!!


Number Four

This one is kinda obvious for me, but I’d have to say my friends and family. They have guided me on my path so far an have picked my up when I have fallen down. I love them to pieces.


Number Three

This one is 100% going to my Dog!!! Her name is Macy Jane and she was a part of a litter of 15! All of her brothers and sisters are chocolate labs! She riled up my life and makes me happy whenever I am sad!


Number Two

My twin brother is number Two (for once). He is my best friend that I have had my entire life. His name is Will, and he is only 5 minutes older than me!!! He has been there throughout my rough times and he is my shoulder to cry on!


Number One

This one was a tough one, and it’s not like it’s a completely physical thing. My number one thing would have to be Art in all forms. Art in music, Theater, and in sketches amaze me. I love being a part of it, and it makes me inspired whenever I look at other artists work.