Deniz Love

Hailing from the hustling music hub of Houston, TX, Deniz Love's track to become a professional soccer player was cut short by a career ending injury that saw him turn to music for fulfillment. After touring under the name Yung Turk, Deniz sought after telling a new story that spreads love and positivity through emotional awareness. The dual citizen of Turkey and The United States paid homage to his heritage by using his first name, which means "The Sea" in Turkish. He says it represents parallels between the ups and downs that waves and tides both share with the nature of life. The "Love" in his stage name is about an effort to normalize the word outside of a romantic context. His idea is that Love should be carried with us wherever we go and whoever we cross paths with. His intimate lyrics and feel good tunes bring out the best of every listener by challenging others to embrace a side of them that isn't always at the forefront of our thought processes. With over 15,000 monthly streamers on Spotify alone, Deniz Love is a sure bet to watch out for this next year.

Simbo Suave

Simbo Suave is a genre-crossing artist with over 300k YouTube views. The singer-songwriter/rapper has been making music since he was formerly part of the UK-based music collective CXCV.

Melissa Rurangirwa

Melissa Leslie Rurangirwa is a Nutrition Science and soon to be Digital Media Major. Her interests and passions apart from music include cooking, dance, photography, and mental health. You can find music, recipes, and more on her YouTube Channel and Instagram page. As a fairly recent transfer, she looks forward to connecting with more UH students soon!

DJ Tobego

Our Frontier Fiesta Director of Special Events and SPB DJ Battle Winner! New to the DJ scene and full of talent!


Kemmye is a r&b/pop singer- songwriter based in Houston, Texas. Check out her YouTube to support this growing star!

The Contenders

A Hip Hop /Funk/ RnB/ Jazz Quartet from Houston, Texas.

D-Fi Logic - MC/Vocals
Troy Creagh - Guitar
Jonathan Galvan - Bass
Willie McCullen- Drums