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Hello, i'm Lea Cahanding Hertzendorf age of 33. Borned January 31, 1988, raised study and worked in Philippines, until I met and married to the love of my life Phil hertzendorf at year 2012. Then we gave birth to our first born premiee baby Journey who is now 4, then michael, turning 2 years d next month. But before I have this Green life in USA, I grew up in a big, below average family in Cavite Philippines and then moved in Taguig Manila when i was 20 years old. My life back then was full of drama and struggles, maybe that's the reason why i'm so generous 😂, i knew exactly the word the spells poverty, but now i'm living with my family here in California for 5 years, simple and happy, but then I see myself having a lot of trust issues, it’s probably all from the past relationship with friends that betrayed and took away all what I gave them and took the biggest advantage of my vulnerability. I know when i trust i trust completely, but then we rise up as we fall, i hate people when people kiss each other’s ass. I want a transparency of life, i'm kind of person that when i want something what ever it takes i'll get it. I am not a quitter, I am a big dreamer with big ego , i would like to prove to others who have belittled me and have talked behind my back, how far I can go. But of course i love with all my heart, I’ll put others needs first before myself. There’s deeper side of me that you may want to know, so watch my live Videos as I share all my thoughts, lessons learned in life and good life coaching, from that way we can get closer and know each other and hopefully do business together, as I am the type of person that won’t let you down when you locked arms with me.


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Lei Hertz

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