Canberra - Film and Sound

Persuasive text 2022

The Film and Sound museum will never keep you bored! From watching fun films, listening to cool sounds and also learning Australian history exclusively!


Hey ! I see from the questions you answered there you seem to love your films! Well the film and sound museum is the perfect place for you to travel to next year for your canberra trip! And here's why, you will listen to cool sounds, you get to watch entertaining films, and see thousands of inspiring artworks!

Argument 1 - Sound history

There is sound all around us. Even when I don't even notice it. In fact did you know that sound was created before film? Yeah, The first sound was on a wax cylinder about 200 years ago! Have you ever heard what a wax cylinder sounds on a record? Well you will at this museum. Thomas Edison was the first person in history to create sound on a wax cylinder. I don't want to keep your mind thinking about what it will sound like, so don't waste your time and pick the film and sound museum for your next trip!

Argument 2 - Film

We probably all think that the first movie was made in Hollywood or Paris. But did you know that the first movie created was made right here in Australia?! I know, I'm shocked too! The Ned Kelly movie was in fact the first movie created in Australia! On Boxing Day 1906 The Story of the Kelly Gang opened at the Athenaeum Theatre in Melbourne. It was the first multi-reel, feature-length film ever produced in the world. In the movie they used the real Ned Kelly armour for play. What are you doing, pick the film and sound museum already!

Argument 3 - Artworks

In the film and sound museum they show a range of artworks created! If you're an art freak then you will love this. There are over 160,00 artworks in the Australian gallery to look at, and they all have something to do with film and sound. I bet you, you will never get bored in the gallery. One of the paintings shows Michelle Payne who was the first female to win the Melbourne cup! It's still not too late to pick the Film and Sound museum for your next trip!


You will never regret your decision if you pick the film and sound museum next year! From listening to cool sounds, watching entertaining films, and seeing thousands of inspiring artworks! Pick the film and sound museum for a life changing experience you will never forget! - Dalia Kuanza 2021