This is random

Ayesa Denise Chavez Yap, born in September 5 2008, a Virgo. Favorite color is Purple, some colors are pretty too. A Writer, Journalist, Choir, loving representative in Church. Practicing Photograpy, Scientist, and a Bussiness work. I'm skilled at essay's, and writing a insparational quotes. I love reading books, papers, comics. I'm speaking british for no reason at all, i found it interesting. I hate, my past. if you ever gotta talk about it, shut it. My Dad side have a chinese genes. A honor in class which is very questionable. I usually use instruments. I love watching movies, especially marvel because i feel like i'm being a hero, and to prevent stress. Yet wanting to be a Spy. I don't know who am i. But i kin most of a characters so it's helping me to remember who i really am. I am alone everytime and non motivated. I'm only comfortable with a persons who are detected and feel by my eyes. I'm a big fan of fictionals. I like 20's movies and 90's. I'm actually not straight because i see boys samely. I like seeing arts because they are cool, and finding out our histories and fantasies because i love it very much, like Harry Potter. I have a birthmark heart. Yet no one says it's beautiful. I love musics, well mostly i'm choosing a song because of lyrics. I'm singing and dancing when i have energy. Favorite subs is English, Science, all subs are quite of understanding. I don't like strict teachers. I love helping people, it's very satisfying, mostly when you're making them feel loved. I'm not a girly type. I have s-anxiety and i could be better if i don't have them. Some people are obviously find me cringe, i just guess, all of them. I usually doing a name code so yk. I like being a detective in socials, really cool. I don't have friends 'cause people traumatize me. I have many works to try with. And yes, i love galaxies so much, skies, moon, sunsets, number 1 big fan of 'em. I also like traveling but i can't, i want to go L.A first because some of Actresses/Actors that cought my attention born there and some movies that i love shoot there. Actually i like anime and k-pop too, i'm not just active with it. Oh almost forgot, i really love cats, they are precious and sometime, i'm secretly throwing foods to them 'cause my family won't let me feed them, i'm even jumping when i'm seeing cats. some pets are cute too. I have clothes but i wanna buy the style i like but i don't want to waste money, i like polo shirts, skirts, and i'm wearing accecories with it if i'm going to a ocations. In cookery, i would love to bake, i guess it's fun even thought i'm not trying it yet, it is fun to cook also. I'm having a phase every year with my habits, but i swear i hope doing what i love now isn't a phase. They are calling me "too angry", i know. because i have anger issues, so much. I prefer inside sports, but my mom used to play volleyball, so she said i must learn it too, but i guess not now. I'm also having a technique with my brain, always. I have sense too. I had many crushes, i guess it's just because i'm a simp, before. and never again, i don't want one. Also, i love my family, why not. Well i shall edit this again when i think of something more.