About Me

Becoming a Health and Life Coach


“G’Day Mate”

I was born in Down Under in Sydney, Australia, but spoiler alert, I don’t have the cool accent because I have spent most of my life in beautiful Boise, Idaho. Quite a geographical shift! I am an only child and first generation Aussie as my Father's family migrated from a small group of islands off the coast of Africa called the Seychelles and my Mother is a 4th generation Idahoan. I spent my school years in the States with my Mother and my holidays in AUS with my Father. Growing up hiking and skiing the Mountains, sun bathing and surfing the ocean I experienced a deep love for nature, but I didn’t realize how this up bringing would stir an internal struggle within my soul.

Through my young adulthood I began working a full time job at 16, and continued this throughout my college years. Driven to succeed at any given challenge I began moving up in the corporate world and found myself managing 100-150 people who were 2x to 3x my age. This is where I found my compassion and understanding for people. I learned a lot about myself through trial and error, ultimately finding the key to my professional success was my ability to create a culture of positivity, inspiration and accountability through authentically being me.

I was running a multi-million dollar business, married… divorced and had moved all over the PNW. I was working 50-80 hours a week with no holidays, no weekends, no family. I was the top in my industry and truly loved the people who I worked with, but something was missing. I was stressed all the time, overweight, overworked and burnt-out at age 23.


“Money does not equal happiness”

I was so driven by monetary success I had forgotten to nourish my soul.

The next 5 years I struggled to find balance in between work and leading a life worth living. I focused on my health and personal fitness, 5 ft. tall at 160 I tried it all from dieting to personal trainers, the ups and downs of self-acceptance. You know that feeling you get when you try on a 100 different outfits and still nothing looks good.. I felt beat up and worthless, before I even started my day.

Fed up and discouraged I began diving into the world of nutrition and fitness, taking out all the fad diets and workouts I successfully regained my self-worth and I discovered is that it’s not about the best diet or hardest workout, it’s about the lifestyle I was living.


“If you follow your passions you’ll never work a day in your life...” Easier said than done.

At 28 I was at my peak physical fitness, had my “Dream” job and still was not fulfilled.

The fear set in as I began to realize that my profession was no longer in alignment with my core values. A career that I had worked literally half of my life to build. That’s a hard pill to swallow.

I lived in fear for years, fear of starting over, fear of losing my identity, fear of financial failure, but most of all I feared the unknown.


“Fearlessness is Freedom”

I took a step back and looked at what I did know.. I knew I loved the most about my job was coaching and developing people to become the best versions of themselves. I knew where my soul felt at home was in nature, in the mountains on the beach, traveling and experiencing culture. I knew I had passion for sharing my knowledge of nutrition and my new found lifestyle.

At 29 I relinquished my fear, took solace in what I did know and I became Certified Health and Life coach. Scariest, most freeing thing I have ever done to date!

I am now living in alignment with who I am and continuing to push myself to the next level of mind, body and soul.. But the best part of it all is that I am able to inspire and support others to take back their life and re-spark their passion for living.

I am grateful for the pain I went through becoming the version of me I am today, I don’t regret the wasted years of living in fear, forgetting to nourish my physical body and soul, the missed holidays or the tears of struggle because I can now take my experiences and pay it forward to so many people that face the same obstacles.

“We can only take our clients as far as we are willing to go ourselves”