Hi I’m Fiona 😉

Just a small town girl achieving big dreams

But for all you readers out there, I’m a mum of 3 children from a very small wheatbelt town in Western Australia, a girl who loves the fun parts of life, a singer, adventure seeker and just enjoys making new friends.

Totally unsure of what she wanted to do with her life until a beautiful business idea was presented to her.

Now this is not your typical business idea, to most it seems risky, not the norm and certainly something they would never consider.... trading time for money, that’s how it’s always been done and that’s a typical job or business, Right!!

Not this... not Arbonne!! I could fit this in and around my family, using premium products (things I used every single day) and just changed the way that I spent my time and my money. Simple!!!

I not only reconnected with friends from my past but it opened up doors to a whole new group of people that I was just waiting to meet! I love the adventure it brings, the friendships I’ve made and I love working alongside people with big ambitions and goals. This business may seem too good to be true..... well you will never know if you don’t just jump and give it a go.

Edona Heartland

Behind every song is in untold story

How do we start to explain how Edona Heartland came to be?
We are 2 mums in a small country town who came together by chance and circumstance.
It really was a ‘right place, right time’ kind of situation. As individuals we had both had a passion for music and achieving small personal goals, singing with a local band and performing on stage at some corporate events.
It wasn’t till we came together that we found our sound.
Starting out 1 year ago, was as simple as playing cover songs at some small local community events, which has slowly turned into us writing our own music.
Everything we have achieved so far still feels surreal but we are so passionate about what we do and we feel our sound will show through differently in each song we record.
Not having a massive music background has its challenges but we both love what we do and creating music is what we have falling in love with.
We just really hope you enjoy what we produce.