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I’m a nutritionist and self-confessed foodie with a passion for helping busy Mums, women and heart-led entrepreneurs to live a radiant life jam packed with whole foods, self-love and modern nutrition: science + mindfullness.

If you are feeling pushed, pulled and struggling to carve out your own life, health, joy and ready like yesterday to transform those old diet and lifestyle habits … then I’m your girl!

Suffering some or all of the following ⤵️

🍎 weight that won’t budge
🍏 low mood, depression and or anxiety
🍎 night sweats
🍏 insomnia
🍎 new health issues
🍏 déjà vu feeling with your body/lifestyle

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My aim is to always help women get strong, healthy and be educated through their peri/menopausal transition.

In peri-menopause, we transform

Peri-menopause is your window of opportunity to invest in yourself even if that makes you feel guilty. What you’re yearning for is on the other side of your discomfort!

Let’s take time to recover and feel good again

This is my why; using my expertise to help women struggling with peri-menopause especially mood and weight to utilise this window as an opportunity to transform their old ways not supporting them and opening up to a new way of living.

This is a common story I hear with my clients.

👉 They tell me that nothing is working, they’re confused and don’t know where to begin.
👉It feels so much easier ploughing ahead keeping busy and looking after everyone else. 👉 They get frustrated with themselves and know that they rely on alcohol/food to make themselves happy.
👉 They feel worse afterwards because their sleep is terrible and the next day they tend to eat like crap and then more feelings arise.
👉 They are so keen to not feel this way but get trapped and the biggest issue is they are embarrassed to admit how they’re feeling.
👉 There is so much unknown and on top of all this is showing to everyone they are doing fine. When they do stop being busy they feel all the feelings they don’t want to feel.

If this is you too there is another way. Imagine when we hijack those unsupportive habits and start unravelling.

You’ll start walking towards feeling good in your body, empowering yourself with skills, resources to become ‘food and body smart’ so you can supercharge your body & self-care for decades to come.

Everything changes.

🔶 No more yo yo-ing - find the inspiration, one unique to you in order to feel great again.

🔷 Sustainable Changes - No more quick fixes; you’re into sustainable changes that will support you in the long term. Starting now!!

🔶 Honour your health - To start gathering & understanding your unique body needs and create healthy change.

🔷 Plus have me in your back pocket guiding you along the way.

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Quick chat on being comfortable in the uncomfortable during our midlife and why this is not good news for your future health!

Comfortable in the uncomfortable

Let’s press that reset button in 2022 and uncover a healthy vibrant you

Because nothing good comes from delaying a healthier version of yourself