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When it comes to economic heating and natural fuel the firewoodfast family comes first in costomer satisfacrion trust in me to bring you good wood and your family is guaranteed to be warm for the winter I put my name on it

I'm famous for having the best wood in town weather it is for indoor keeping the family warm or being a supplier for different restaurants that only cook with wood they know that only hardwood and alder is substantial type of wood for cooking anything with Sap in it is poisonous to cook with . Wood we offer is..
. Grand Douglas fir : is a favorite for most wood enthusiast's wood shed . It burns high BTU and is very distinct smell and reddish pink color when seasoned

.Cedar is great for startin⁵2²1g fires and used for kindling . It also has a sweet distinct smell very light in weight but strong grain.
Cherry 🍒 one of the more unique hardwoods because it has a rich cherry smell to an adult tree and the bark instead of going vertical wraps around it almost like rings but when peeled off feels like leather to the touch and under the bark is how u tell if it is seasoned or not . If it is dry wood then the wood will be orange under the bark if fresh then it will be greem. Great for cooking as well

We also get Alder , Madrona, ,Oak, Maple and
Black locsst almost alien to our world it's yellow like green look to it as a fresh cut specimen throws people off but after a season of drying it has a hickery smell when burned and turnes orange when dry .
tree thopping and bringing down trees in sections
My goal and promise is to get dry firewood to whoever needs it and to do remove And arbhjorist-trees accordingly to the landowners request dim the day when the customer or homeowner looks meaning and genuinely thanks me for my dedication and hard work makes it all worth it in the end I'm going to tell me thank you I know they mean it.my best unique thing about My company and I is I can provide u with a lawn ortimite like a halk or bear chainsaw carving out of the stumps. Been logging since a young age I also have other experience doing plumbing roofing sheetrock landscaping . I've worked in a factory drove forklift lead in wood department at sound sleep .went to B&R for a while stopped working there in my apprenticip to start my own business in winter of 2019 I did a few jobs then had to put everything to hault on March 7 2020 on account of the coronavirous (covid-19) pandemic I even had to completely ca ncel a few jobs I was going to start before the stay at home and social distancing laws ..
reopening pending ...
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