FirstGen Ja’del

A first-generation graduate defying the stats.

Hey! It’s your girl Ja’del and I’m from Detroit, MI - better known as the city that hustles harder!

Through my socials I share my journey as a first-generation college graduate because the stats do a crappy job of showing what’s possible for us.

I’ve interned and worked for Fortune 500 companies, studied abroad in Japan, led multiple student organizations, self-published a children’s book and was hand-selected to be the student commencement speaker for the 2017 class of engineering graduates at Michigan State University!

The crazy thing is when I first started my journey, I didn’t know anyone who was a chemical engineer and I didn’t know anyone in my immediate social circle who’d graduated college.

I’d never even considered going to college until I found out chemical engineers made skincare.

Y’all, you know I was all in! #skincareislife

As a firstgen, it’s important to me that no matter what sector I am in, be it beauty or education, that I help create opportunities.

My self-goal is to create a skincare company that caters to the needs of skin while paying homage to beauty diversity. My life-goal is to uplift people.

I hope my page serves as a resource (whether it be skincare or lifestyle) and reminds you that you have the power to choose your own matter where you start.

Much Love,