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This is NOT a keto diet. We are challenging you to drink ketones for 10 days and experience what it feels like to operate on a premium fuel source.

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I want you to love the flavor ketones you are drinking. The only way to feel better is if you are drinking your ketones daily. I try to accommodate my customers.

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FirstStep2Better —

Tired of looking for ways to be healthy and feel better?

My name is Norma, & I started my healthier lifestyle 3 years ago.

While living in Saudi Arabia I was going through certain “issues.” I was moody,
lethargic and didn’t want to get out of bed. I had two teen boys and I didn’t have access to any medicine to help. I was really struggling.

A good friend understood my situation and introduced me to ketones. I was skeptical in the beginning, just like you!! They are a game changer.

The rest is history. Click below for information about ketones and women’s hormones.
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Women, Hormones and Ketones


It may sound silly to think a sachet of powder could make such a difference!

I documented my journey with ketones from day one on Instagram and Facebook. My life is dramatically better these last few years from drinking ketones and now i’m a part of the ketone conversation community because I want to share my story to help others!

I lost 4 dress sizes... but that wasn’t all. My moods are so much better AND my energy and focus is undeniably better.

So much so that after 1 year of drinking ketones, I trained for a Half Ironman at age 52, I completed the entire race in 8 hrs and 11 minutes.

That is a day I will never forget!! I knew I had to tell people about ketones.

If you want to share the ketone conversation and be a part of an amazing community helping people feel better, watch the link below and contact me for more details.

Positive community, awesome detailed training, step by step action plan to get your business started.