What's up homie! I'm Kalin, the head honcho behind: Fit-Endeavors ✨

I'm a certified personal trainer + holistic health & nutrition coach + entrepreneur + enneagram 7 + ENFP. I love outdoor adventures, Pug puppies, street tacos/craft beer (DUH! :).

I help women reach their highest potential in the realms of health, wellness, fitness, & active lifestyles.

After graduating with my degree in Exercise and Sport Science, I evolved into a holistic health coach and haven't turned back.
Along the road, I continued my passion for learning by becoming a certified personal trainer and certified lifestyle and sports nutrition coach.

Through educating and supporting women in-person and online, I've found that my heart belongs to strengthening not only women's capable bodies through fitness, but also strengthening their heart and mind. There's nothing better than seeing her face light up from those "aha" moments, growing confidence, and determination to reach her #goalz.

In college, I realized that I wasn't meant for the "corporate work" world, and had a dream of becoming an entrepreneur. My free spirit and "dreamer" personality knew my future held something better for myself. Because I wanted to change the world.

Yes, I said the world. However, I’d say my definition of world is actually focusing on touching the lives of every single woman's that I work with. More so, changing THEIR world.

A more personal approach I would say :D

Years after college now, I have been blessed to have touched so many women's lives ( & touched by their spirits) and experienced & grown so much myself in health and fitness, but I felt "I could do more".

Thus, “Fit-Endeavors" was born--

To give me the opportunity to help and support even MORE women in becoming their highest selves within their fitness, health, and lifestyle.

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