Wife💍 Mom of 4 & Grandmother of 4 ❤️

Hello, hello! Thank you so much for visiting my page. I would love to share a little about myself so you can know me a little better.

I am an Online Wellness Coach and I absolutely love what I do. I’m a very selfless person and I take joy in seeing people succeed and accomplish their dreams and goals. I will always be the person encouraging, giving advice, and standing on the sidelines cheering you on in whatever it is you believe in. This is my character and it’s why I believe online coaching was and IS for me. It’s not a job, it’s part of who I am and it’s why this comes to me so naturally. When I see that I am actually making a difference in the lives of many women by participating in their growth, helping them along the way and seeing them gain confidence and joy, it’s lead me to becoming extremely passionate about what I do. These experiences and interactions have also helped me be more positive and grow as well. So they also help me be better.

At my age living a healthy lifestyle is very important and it is a priority. My why is to be able to live a long healthy life to enjoy my family, especially all my grand babies and age is just a number. Life doesn’t slow down or stop as you age. I am free to still travel, make dreams become reality, and do things I couldn’t do when I was younger and unhealthy. Herbalife has helped me with my WHY and this is why I enjoy creating new recipe ideas, especially with the variety of their products. Along with an active lifestyle and sharing my experiences, I want to inspire others to know they can do anything they put their minds to. Regardless of how many kids they have, how old they are or anything else that hinders them. The only limits you have are the limits you give yourself. Get rid of those and it’s only up from there. There is nothing wrong with putting you first. 😉

You got this girl!