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Hi, I am Grace, a girl next door whom my friends and family never thought I would be who I am today. 4 years back, my lifestyle went haywire and gaining weight uncontrollably till XL. I knew I was leading to the obesity yet I was sooo hoping there's someone out there to tell me how I was and to motivate me to shed some pounds off. But it didn't happen that time.. 😢.. Yes that may sound familiar to you, and you probably experiences the same too...

It was till 2 years ago that I came to know and experienced myself a 10 days Lean and Tone Programme that has shown me the light of hope. I was guided by my coach too and with the program, I've lost 17kg in total and dropping my size from XL to M/S size. Since then, my entire world changed..

Probably you'll be thinking, "nah I wish it was so easy too for me"..

If you are still reading up to this sentence and wanted to know what I did losing the extra fats off without crash diet and burning your wallet, I am here to be with you.

Well, just drop a Hi, and I'll do the rest.

Your coach

*About Grace*

My goal is to deliver the most positive impact and help people in achieving ideal body towards living the healthiest and happiest version of themselves.

I'm passionate in helping people to find the balance for them. With my own experience who had successfully shed 17kgs in 6 months, I apply my coaching method using the art of both Food and Fitness into my program. You'll be empowered to develop a self-confidence and maintain a fit lifestyle.

If you think it's impossible, I'll make it possible for you. It takes a 1% step each time to achieve that 100% result you desire.

*The quote I live by:*
Fitness is not about being better than someone else. It's about being better than you used to be - Brett Hoebel

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Your Journey to 10 days Transformation

"There are 365 days per year, it's just 10day. What's there to lose? I just lose pounds of fats in this journey which I thought impossible! "

This was what my coachee told me when I asked-- "what makes you wanted to join?". Many wanted to know what to expect and let me share. My coaching encompass both art of food and fitness together to bring you both result and sustainability.

You get:
❇️Personalized nutrition meal plan
❇️Personal and group coaching
❇️Fun online community support
❇️Virtual workout access with group of coaches
❇️Happiness and confidence

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This girl just burned 17kg !!

I ain't gonna talk much, just wanted you to look at the difference .

You may think this is crazyyy!!! What did this girl do? Was she on keto or some crazy diet?

Nop Nop Nop... I simply just discovered the art of both eating right and right workout that creates this result I once thought was impossible.

Join me and discover more!

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