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Health & Wellness Coach, Psoriatic Arthritis & Transverse Myelitis Warrior, Hiking & Travel Enthusiast

Hello~ I’m Tanya

I’m a health and wellness coach through Beachbody and love my coach life! It gives me a new energy and leadership like I’ve never experienced before! I’m in the automotive business with my husband. Together, we continue a loyal service to our community with many decades of paint & repair service that we have built through trust and long time family values.
I’m also a Psoriatic Arthritis & Transverse Myelitis Warrior, which I’ve been very proactive since my diagnosis and manage with proper nutrition & fitness. I also am a proud volunteer & advocate with the Arthritis Foundation along with being nominated as 2018’s Adult Honoree.
I’ve discovered hiking several years ago and it gives me such an invigorating high! I wish I could do it every weekend. Waterfalls are a bonus!
Travel is always on my bucket list. So many places to see in this world just waiting to be explored. Life is too short waiting for things to happen and I can’t let fear of the unknown hold me back from seeing it.
One of my favorite hashtags is #WantMoreDoMoreBeMore
Do you have a favorite?

My Top Picks in Books, Podcasts and Hair Products

What I’m doing outside my pre workout dance parties...

My latest & greatest finds that get me through it all. From Personal Development, Sweat Sessions to living with natural curly hair.

Everything is Figureoutable

PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT is key to growth! Lately, I’ve been stuck in this book by Marie Forleo, Everything is Figuroutable. I highly recommend getting a few GF’s together for a small book club and share your thoughts with one another. Ton’s of little nuggets bro take away from!

Everything Is Figureoutable by Marie Forleo

Rise Podcast

When it comes to podcasts, there are so many to listen to anymore. But lately, besides my Beachbody Weekly NWC, there is this little gem... The Rise Podcast with a Rachel Hollis. This woman is LIT! I absolutely love her energy!

Hair Product Find

We all know that us ladies with all the curls have to treat our hair just a little differently than those with straight hair. There’s all this extra conditioner, leave in conditioners, don’t wash your daily, wash your hair daily, oils, balms, hair masks, special towels for drying, comb it, don’t comb it, and so on...
Well, I recently discovered a brand new product from Bumble & Bumble that has created a post workout dry shampoo mist. Anyone else’s loving their sweaty hair on a No Wash day? You know the kind where it’s all sweaty, dripping wet and well, you get the pic. Any ways, this stuff smells nice, and it helps clean up the hair a bit. So even those of you with straight hair won’t be denied a nice post workout polish.
I only ordered the sample, but will definitely be placing my order for the larger bottle ASAP!

Recover with Greek Yogurt & Strawberries

Having my post workout powder each day really helps with my muscle soreness and my aches from arthritis. I’ve also learned that it doesn’t have to be in shake form every time I want to have it. One of my favorite recipes for enjoying this post workout formula is also including it as my morning snack with Greek yogurt and fresh berries. My favorite concoction lately is with strawberries. Mix it up and enjoy! Best dessert, I mean super healing power formula made for snacking. Who doesn’t enjoy snacking and knowing every bite is helping ease the muscle soreness in your body so you can’t get right back at it the next day. Or here lately I’ve been pushing for 2 workouts a day. Definitely enjoying my chocolate treat.

Beachbody Performance Recover