30 year old redhead. Riding the hot mess express. Living healthy. Positivity Princess.

Fit Lacylou

I am CEO of my own fitness business working super hard to chase my dreams and help other men and women do the same.

About 3 years ago I was getting ready for a night out in Nash. I had just moved here and was so excited to experience all nashville had to offer. But instead I cried in my closet because none of my clothes fit, I hated what I looked like, felt so uncomfortable and had zero confidence. I knew then and there I had to make a change.

I had seen a couple posts from my coach but had always thought she’s just lucky no way I could be that fit. And that coaching thing she does, fuck that. Haha. But after sobbing in my closet and constantly feeling like the ugly fat friend that wasn’t good enough I was up to try anything!

I got my program and was scared to death and had zero idea what I was doing. And I my entire first week on the program I was traveling so I had to pack and cooler and plan everything out so I could get started right. I ate what the meal plan told me to eat, I did my 30 min workouts, and checked in with my accountability group. Within just a few days I could FEEL I difference. I had more energy. I had confidence and a pep in my step. A little at home program that I was skeptical about worked, and worked really well!!! So I started telling people about it and here I am 3 years later getting to make it my career to help others!!!!🤗

YES, I am a health and fitness coach, BUT I refuse to live and breath at the gym and only eat bland healthy food. I have found a great balance of "livin' life/treat yo'self" and healthy. I am 30 years old and in the very best shape of my life because of it!

I am the farest thing from "fitness barbie." I workout in whatever I sleep in, so 99% of the time my clothes don’t match and half the time my sports bra is on inside out. I have to workout as soon as I wake up or I won’t, so my hair is always a crazy mess. I love pizza and beer, brunch, live music and dancing. I’m always in a hurry and running late. And have a super forgetful, scattered brain. When I started this business I worked crazy long hours and traveled a lot! My boyfriend corey and I love to take advantage of all the fun living in Nashville provides. I have all the excuses to not making a healthy life work, but I make the choice everyday to be the best I can and FEEL the best I can.

4 years ago I changed my own life and have decided to help others do the same thing. When you better yourself, everyone around you benefits. I would LOVE to chat with each and everyone of you to disucss your goals and teach you how it is possible to be healthy and fit, learn to LOVE yourself, and still live a super fun fulfilling badass life!


an individual who embraces their flaws and and knows they’re awesome reguardless

-Be brave enough to suck at something new-

-Be brave- Easier said than done. I get it. Sucking SUCKS. Haha. But we all start somewhere. When I started coaching I had NO idea what I was doing. I had zero confidence. No leaderships skills. Little to no social media presence. No idea what healthy meant. BUT I saw the potential in the opportunity. So even tho it scared the crap out of me was something new, and out of my comfort zone; I decided to be brave!! The very best things in life come from the scary risks we take. BE BRAVE YALL. BE motha fu*kin BRAVE.