Amber Atkinson

Wellness Coach, Mom, Wife, Entrepreneur, Passionate Visionary✌🏻

I am a 35 yr old health and wellness coach, a mom of 5, and a wife.
As a coach, I offer programs that can be customized to your unique goals.
I can also plug you into in person or virtual challenges that offer support and accountability.
With programs that also focus on self love and mental health, I strive for you to reach your personal best.

As a mom, I am practical and true to life. I understand the balance of work and home and self. Life isn’t perfect, and all of our stresses are real. We have to remember that we were humans before motherhood, and loving that person makes us a better mom for our littles.

As a wife, I am realistic and an open book. Like life, no marriage is perfect. The best advice I have is communicate and get rid of unspoken expectations. Speak up and be on the same page.

As an entrepreneur, I know that being a boss babe is 100% my calling. I love helping people on my time, not clocked in looking to make a buck. Results and making the world healthier and happier is my goal. I take my business very seriously and personal development and letting myself break the chains from corporate America has changed mine and my families life.

Excited to help you reach your goals!
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