10-Days Lean and Tone Project

10-Days Lean and Tone Project

The 10-days Lean & Tone Project is a health, fitness and lifestyle series!
It will give you the head start you need to achieve your best transformation and targeted to help you cultivate the life ling habits instead of short term result.
为期10天的项目是一个健康,健身和生活方式系列! 这将为您提供最佳转换所需,针对性地帮助您养成生活习惯,而不是短期结果。

▶️ Customise Nutrtion Plan
▶️ Healthy Snack Recipes Tips
▶️Learn healthy eating habits
▶️ Detox
▶️ Shrink Belly Fat & Body Fats
▶️ One-on-one Coaching
▶️ Group & live support calls



Hi, I'm Annie Lim and I'm 42 this year, a marketer in an advertising agency for 20 years.

I have always have an extremely busy working schedule that contributed to my weight spiked from 45kg to 58kg and I developed gastric problem. But I always believed exercise will help me to lose weight instead of changing my meals. I'm a food lover, hence I wasn't ready to give up my favourite food to lose weight!

In March 2020, I saw the transformation of IG friend Amanda, a mother of 2 kids, has lead my curiosity. Amanda has referred me to coach May Li. Since then my life changed, my weight was reduced from 58kg to 48kg in 3 months healthily without cutting down my meals. My energy and strength level increased tremendously and my gastric attacks didn't come back.

I am truly grateful to WXS community, the coaching and guidance by my my lovely Coaches Jason & Mayli. Not forgetting my angel Amanda ❤️
When you set your mind to achieve a goal, and stay consistent, you will definitely achieve it!



2 years ago, when I was 39 I decided I wanted to look great for my 40th birthday! I wanted to be fit. It was a personal goal.

So, I did what many ladies nearing their big 4-0 would do. I signed up for a gym and got myself a fitness instructor. Sounds like a perfect plan, doesn’t it? But little did I know. Needless to say that I did not stick to my goal with merely a fitness instructor. No surprise there. How many of us have set a goal but simply not followed through? But then, eight months ago, I started working with my accountability partner, my wellness coach, Mayli Tay. Mayli is based 4,200km away from me in Perth (I live in Malaysia). She has always been there to remind me to focus on my goal, and today I am so happy and thankful to her for helping me along that path.
Mayli has held my hand from afar, guiding me every step of the way. Today, I am eating right, my energy levels are amazing, I am super focused (which as one would expect, has really helped me with work) and I don’t get tired as often as I used to. And as a bonus, migraines that I used to get on a regular basis have completely stopped! The list of gifts I have received is endless and I know that this is only the beginning of my journey.
Eight months in and I feel fantastic. I have guided many of my friends all over the globe and am now trying to do for them what Mayli did for me.
What drives me is the smile on their faces and the senses of satisfaction they experience and share with me, when they lose their kgs on the weighing scale and that restores their livelihood. They send me pictures in their newest outfits with a glow on their faces, ready to confidently stride into town with a body that feels, and looks, great! I want to continue to spread this cheer and happiness to everyone that I can reach.
Within 8 months, I have dropped 15kgs, reduced 10.8% body fat, 3 layers of visceral fat and my body age has gotten younger by 25 full years!
We all can do it together with 80% nutrition, 20% healthy active lifestyle, 100% mindset!💖
For things to change, you have to change - JIM ROHN



HELLO! I’m Ifa. I’m a 35-year-old lawyer. I have struggled with my weight for years. Numerous times people had told me that I would not be able to lose weight and the jokes and criticisms against my weight had made me build walls to hide my emotions.

However, thinking on a positive note, in years facing those criticisms had made me a stronger person. It also made me accept who I am and taught to love myself and my body.

I have always felt tired and had struggled to stay active. Body pain and leg pain was prone to me.

I was introduced to Wellnessxperts by my dear friend Amath, last year, and through her I met my coach Zulfa. Without the both of them, I could not have achieved my goals in the journey to a healthy lifestyle. I joined the "10 days Lean and Tone Program". I lost 3 kg in this program and In 10 months, I have lost 24 kg. I’m still working tirelessly to reach my goal!

In this journey not only did i lose my weight, I have found a new family, who does not hold back from lifting anyone up. Their support and encouragement are what everybody wants, and I’m truly blessed to be a member of this family.

Goodbyes to body pains, tiredness and fatigue. Hello to liveliness and active life. I have never felt more alive and my brain is so active now. Being part of this family and in this journey, I have got inspired by our wellness coaches. Now my aspiration is to inspire other to achieve their goals in been fit and into a healthy lifestyle. Huge thanks to my coach Zulfa and my friend Amath. AND all the coaches ❤



I was so inspired by this amazing lady 😍

Hi my name is Pik Lin, my weight went up to 75kg after my first pregnancy and after delivered my twin baby, my weight remain that high 😣. After my Postpartum of 6months, I started my Herbalife program and got back in shape after 5months and joined my first BTC body transformation challenge. My weight has dropped from 65kg to 50kg , body fats from 35.5% to 25.2% 💪

During my second pregnancy, I gained even more weight! I decided to join the "journey to be a fit a mom program" when I was 3months postpartum. Again, my weight dropped from 63.3kg to 53kg in just 3months time and body fat from 34.1% to 27.1%😱

I am so happy to be able to get back in shape. I want to continue this healthy lifestyle. Thank you my coach Yann 💖


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