How I took control of my life

Leap of Faith!

2016 will always remain a special year!

I was really going through it.

I was a broke, single mom. I had high-stress jobs, earned peanuts and no time. Bills piled high, taking away my little money.

Government benefits didn’t help much – I was still always broke.

With no social life, I couldn’t maintain friendships and relationships and even worse, I wasn’t the kind of mother I wanted to be to my two wonderful kids.

They had gotten used to hearing so many “nos” from me whenever they asked me for basic things that they stopped asking me at all and this absolutely broke my heart.

I desperately needed change in my life. I couldn’t continue living that way.

Then 2016 came with a breath of fresh air! I was blessed with this opportunity, which required little capital, no prior experience and allowed me to work flexibly from home. Initially, it was a secondary source of income but in just a few months, I fired my boss and took control of my life.

I started to spend quality time with my kids and provide for them better. I regained my happiness and began to build a better life.

5 years on, my network marketing business is stronger than ever and my mission is to reach out to those who need an intervention like I did before 2016. If that’s you, I am sure this will absolutely change your life.

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Join a network of friends who want nothing but to see you succeed!

The Business Offer

It's a low-risk, high-reward venture!

Earn Uncapped Income!

Through sales, bonuses and monthly commissions

Control your working life!

Work at your own pace and from the comfort of your home!

Trade in 26 countries

As a Franchise Partner, you have access to a large market.

No Capital

You need very little capital to start!

Good Benefits

Get a free website and business mentoring when you sign up

Live with Purpose

Know that your products help people live a better, happier, healthier life.


These are some common questions and my answers!

Is this a pyramid scheme?

Capital NO! This business operates on sales and commissions and not on recruiting people under you who must spend money to climb the ladder. All pyramid schemes eventually fail, but network marketing businesses can literally live forever.

Is this a get-rich-scheme?

No! But if you put in work, you will get good returns. By the way, all get-rich-schemes are a false promise.

Do I have to do it alone?

No! You will be joining a team of dynamic people who are happy to help you at any stage! You will also receive mentoring from me to make sure you can be successful at it.

Do I have to buy stock and resell?

No! You never have to stock products at all. You only order direct from the manufacturer when you have orders to fulfil!

Can Network Marketing be done successfully part-time?

Absolutely! Most people use it as an additional source of income and it shouldn’t really affect your day (regular) job. However, some people become so successful that they decide to focus on it fulltime. The choice is yours!

Do I have to do door-to-door sales, hold parties or meetings?

No! You can use any methods that you prefer. It could be phone calls, speaking at events, one-on-one meetings. You can absolutely go with any method you are most comfortable with. Just make sure you’re communicating the product value to your potential customers.

But I’m not a natural salesperson or marketer?

Actually, studies show that people like you do better than professionals. Network marketing is like sharing tips for success you use in your life to people you care about. It’s not about selling!

Get Inspired! —

Another Business Partner Success Story

My business partners celebrating their New cars. From a stay-at-home mums to a 6-7 figure successful business tycoons working fully from home.

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Get Inspired! —

My Business Partner Success Story

From a mum living in a bedsit with her baby to a mum who has it all. She has BIG dreams and goals and she didn’t stop until she got them! 

"6 years ago I was presented with an opportunity that would change my life forever 😱 I was definitely skeptical and quite rude when she first told me 🙈👀 sorry chick loves you 😂⁣
Little did I know this little Facebook “job” would have me self employed in less than a year and a 6 figure earner in less than 2 years and eventually a 7 figure earner 🙏🏽

Now I’m doing 𝐞𝐱𝐚𝐜𝐭𝐥𝐲 what I knew I was meant to do and that’s to 🤩 inspire and teach women to embrace their inner beauty & live life more positively. ✨✨⁣and of course I’m a firm believer all women should be financially independent 💴

Bought myself and family dream house and a dream car. Dreams only come through when you believe.

Weight Loss Stories  —

My weight loss products produce real results. This collage shows some of my customers' 16-week journey. Definitely worth it!

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