Meet Naturopath Renee

Hi, I am Renee a Bachelor Qualified Naturopath. I am passionate about supporting you to restore complete balance within. I strongly believe that everyone is unique & that when it comes to healing, it requires a holistic approach.

My passion for natural health started when I came off the birth control pill & got diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. I soon learned that the only thing that was apparently going to help me (the pill) was the one thing that caused all my hormonal issues in the first place. It was then I started doing my own research & came across a Naturopath that helped start my healing journey. I knew then I wanted to help other women & nothing makes me happier than changing someone's life.

What to expect from a Naturopathic consult?

An initial consultation with a Naturopath is all about getting to know you, your presenting complaint & any other factors such as stress levels. sleep, diet & lifestyle that may be contributing to your symptoms.
This information helps to formulate an individualised wellness plan tailored for you.

Initial Naturopathic consult

An initial consultation is approximately 75 minutes & is all about getting to know you & your presenting complaint. With the aim of gaining a deeper understanding of all factors that may be contributing to your overall health – physical, emotional, environmental, genetic and social.

This information helps to formulate a personalised health plan containing diet & lifestyle advice plus, if necessary, herbal & nutritional supplementation. You may also be referred for blood tests or functional pathology to help gain a further understanding of your symptoms.

Naturopathic follow-up consult

A follow-up consult can take up to 45 minutes, they are generally 4-6 weeks apart depending on your needs. A follow-up consult is a great way to review your progress, answer any questions or concerns and address any other issues to ensure you are getting the most out of your plan.

Acute consultation

An acute consult is a 20-minute consultation for new or existing clients.

Existing clients - This is for quick questions or queries between your main follow-up appointments or a quick review on how your treatment plan/supplements are going.

New clients - This is perfect if you would like a simple script for an acute condition i.e. common cold, flu, infections, headache or need any referrals for testing (blood test, functional testing,​ etc)

Pathology interpretation

Do you have blood test results that you want reviewed?

This consult is a 30 minutes, where Renee will explain your test results & includes a tailored blood test interpretation with diet & lifestyle recommendations.

Anxiety release session

Is anxiety overtaking your life? This is a 45 minute consult that is perfect if you want to reduce anxiety.

We will delve into what may be driving your anxiety as well as giving you techniques to help reduce anxiety in your day to day life.

We will do an ECT (Emotional Change Therapy) process which works with your unconscious mind to release anxiety.

You will also get a bonus 50ml bottle of herbs to help support anxiety or a 25ml bottle of flower essences tailored to you.