Fitra Healing is a high quality service based in Sydney, Australia providing counselling, life coaching and Creatrix®.

At Fitra Healing, we offer 1 on 1 sessions to cater for all of your individual needs. We are a brand focused on helping women grow and become the best version of themselves.

Fitra Healing specialises in anxiety, depression and negative self-image. Along with that, we have the option of an Islamic perspective that we offer our clients within sessions.

To book or enquire about any of our services, please email us at fitrahealing@gmail.com

Ronya; founder of Fitra Healing.

The word “Fitra” refers to a persons natural state of being; our innate nature by which Allah swt created us. “Healing” is the process of restoring and becoming healthy again.

From that, our name ‘Fitra healing’ was created, with the intention of providing a roadmap back to your Fitra, healing you at your core.

Fitra healing


All services at Fitra Healing are able to be individually tailored to your needs. We have a number of services available, offering consultations online or face to face. All services are offered with an optional benefit of an Islamic perspective.

Life coaching

This service is for those that need assistance getting from where they are to where they want to be. At Fitra Healing, we help clients identify what they want in life, then build practical and realistic pathways towards this. This service is perfect for someone that needs a set of fresh eyes on their life, along with the accountability of having someone work towards your goals with you.


This service works to aid those with deeper issues within their lives. Working with a variety of women, Fitra Healing specialises in mental health, self confidence issues and childhood trauma. We offer 1 on 1 counselling sessions to discuss your past and work towards healing from it. Each session is specifically tailored based on your own needs, and we cater to any concern that you have in your life.


This service offers a mind breakthrough that utilises the conscious and subconscious mind to quickly transform and heal clients from the blockages in their lives! This experience works to free clients from negative self belief and transform them at their core. It aids women in creating a new cycle of success and peace of mind. Whether you’re looking to quickly overcome a limiting belief or grow from your past, Creatrix® is a proven aid.

Hijama & acupuncture

Hijama and acupuncture aim to heal physical pain points in the body. Both aim to relieve pain by mobilising blood flow to the area, encouraging the bodies natural healing properties. Hijama and acupuncture can help with providing relief from numerous issues such as migraines, high blood pressure or depression. A session can also be scheduled to help with infertility.

This is an in person service.

Price list


$100 per 50 min session

Life coaching

$100 per 50 min session


Price dependant on issues presented. Contact us for more information regarding price.


$70 per session


$60 per session

Fertility hijama

$100 per session

Brand story

Fitra Healing is run by it’s founder, Ronya, who began her journey with a formal university degree where she studied a Bachelor of Health Science (traditional Chinese medicine).

While working in this field, she noticed the link between her clients emotional state and their physical symptoms. Often, she would see that the physical symptoms which presented themselves in the body were result of deeper underlying issues and emotional stress.

This led Ronya to study a degree in Counselling and Life coaching, in order to allow her to further serve the women around her. She also became a licensed Creatrix® practitioner.

From that, Fitra Healing was born, with the focus on empowering women to grow and become the better version of themselves utilising the variety of services provided by Ronya.