Top 6 Pure Peptide —

Pure Series Product

Peptides can be used to aid with weight loss or muscle gain, but can also be used to gift you younger-looking skin and potentially even prevent acne and blemishes from forming on your skin.

They do this by controlling the levels of hormones released into your bloodstream, giving them a significant boost.

Peptides are taken by many individuals to increase energy, burn fat, build muscle and improve athletic ability. They're different to steroids in that they simply boost the levels of naturally occurring hormones in the body, to provide aid on top of an active lifestyle.


Most potent growth hormone releasing peptide. Speed up muscle gain and fat loss. For maximum result stack wth R6-PURE.

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Human Growth Hormone Fragment

HGH Frag 176-191 is a modified form of amino acids 176-191 of the GH polypeptide. It increases appetite suppressant effect of many over the counter fat burners.

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Stimulate muscle growth locally. Regenerates nerve tissue. Helps burn fat, increase protein transport into cells & reduce protein breakdown, decreases LDL cholesterol.

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Highly anabolic, promote localized muscle growth providing a PUMP and FULL look. Accelerate fat loss plus assist in regenerative nerve damage. Use in combination with IGTROPURE to get full synergistic effect.

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Increase protein synthesis, promotes fat loss. Restores damaged cartilage, tendons & joints. Increases libido & energy.

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R6-PURE increases the natural production of human growth hormone in the body and thus have the same positive effects as synthetic human growth hormone such as fat loss, extremely increase appetite, better sleep and recovery.

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Top 3 Steroids For Women —

Mild Oral Steroids (Applicable to Men)

Primo 25 (Recommend for Women)

Low aromatization, very safe to use, great during cutting diet to prevent muscle mass, perfect for bridging between steroid cycles, no liver toxicity.

For the likes of newcomers and fitness models who wants to be more in shape without building big muscles, getting lean and looking more masculine, then this product would be a better choice to achieve those goal. As it is in tablet form, this product is also a good choice for first time steroid users. Due to its minimal side effects, you also cannot expect much gains or improvement in strength. However, when Methenolone Acetate is consumed at 50 to 100mg per day for a couple of weeks, with a clean diet (relatively high protein, controlled carbohydrates and fat), you can achieve good results.

Methenolone Acetate is considerably famous in women’s bodybuilding. This steroid can be used during bulking and when in a diet. Many women bodybuilders gravitate towards this product as it does not possess typical steroid symptoms such as deep voice or increase in facial hair growth. By consuming 50 to 100mg a day, combined with a clean diet, and stacked with clenbuterol or a little bit of stanozolol tablets, you will be able to make steady progress, ultimately achieving good results.

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Anavar (Recommend for Women)

Low liver toxicity & side effects. Promotes great strength gains and solid lean mass gains. Perfect for beginner.

For Women

This is an especially great product for women as it does not cause side effects facial hair growth, change of voice, or appearing to look manlier. Women also often use this product as a mass builder or during diet. It is ideal for women to stack 20mg of Anavar a day with 200mg of Primobolan a week. Alternatively, you could also combine the product with Equipoise or Deca Durabolin. Women have noticed that they have very little side effects related to the product.

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Stanozolol (Recommend for Women)

Promotes a hard and dry look. Increases vascularity, strength and pump. Great for competition.

This product is not recommended if you are looking to grow, bulk or get big, especially if you are looking to gain a couple of kilograms in the first couple of weeks or obtain immense strength within a short time period.

For Women

There are people, though, who use Stanazolol during their bulking season in order to not increase their body weight, or even to simply look good during that period. Stanazolol can be a sound choice if mixed with Trenbolone, Propionate or Methandienone. This mix paired with a clean diet can result in slow muscle and strength increase. A good thing about this product is that once you go off-cycle, your gains will not be lost. Due to its low androgenic property, women generally love using this product as they do not face a lot of side effects such as excessive facial hair growth or developing a deep, manly voice.

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