Eboni W.

Mindset Coach & Personal Trainer

Hey! I'm Eboni! I teach people how to train their minds and body to perform at the highest peaks.

I graduated high school at 16, then completed 2 degrees, one in Business and a bachelor's degree in Psychology. At 18, I became a first-time mom and went after my dream of coaching people to better health. After 10 years of personal training as a side hustle, I became a Master Trainer. Over the years, I've worked for major marketing brands, event companies, and for 3 years, as a teacher.

Now I own a successful fitness app, an entrepreneur coaching business, and a clothing line. I've recently launched my youtube channel, podcast, and cookbook line. My work has helped hundreds of women develop the proper tools to help them succeed physically and mentally. From IT Technicians, personal trainers, massage therapists, real estate moguls, and content creators alike. I have mastered the skill of helping others find balance within chaos while actively striving to reach life goals.

I believe optimal business performance starts with organizing and developing a plan to align the mind and body. Creating an organizational structure allows you to recharge, rejuvenate, and recover faster, giving you an edge over your opponents. My goal is to help women with a unique story, passion, and vision to develop the needed discipline to feel and look their best while monetizing their gifts.

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Podcast- Launching Nov 1st

The Morning Motivation Podcast

Sculpt and train your mind to become the best version of yourself with daily affirmations. No one can motivate you better than YOU. Whether you're on a fitness, better health, or enlightened self-love journey, training your mind to overcome obstacles will be your greatest weapon. Learn from my life lessons or repeat my daily affirmations; either way, I'm here to MOTIVATE YOU TO YOUR BEST SELF! If you like this podcast, please rate and review it.


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