My Story 💫

I know that you have dreams just like me...
When I was 18, i knew i wanted to do something great out of my life. I wanted to strive for freedom, success, impact and create a legacy.
I started my entrepreneurship at the age of 19, feeling hopeful and passionate.. However at the age of 22, I failed in both of it and got myself in huge business debt and student loans.. Inside I felt like a ultimate failure because I was working so hard in my business to fufil my dreams and give back to my family. I was broke, depressed and lost.

Then 4 years ago I found a better way, I was introduced to a mentor and he showed me a business model that allowed me to partner
with a business and brand to create unlimited leveraged income and impact.

Over the past 4 years, I have gone from broke, lost and depressed to now living a passionate and fufilling life alongside my partner Angie.. We spent our days building our business and coaching new professionals on how to create exactly what we have created or better. It didnt happen overnight, it took hardwork,
persistentcy and grit.

Truth is I am not special, I'm just a person with a dream who decided to go for it. My goal is that I am able to help you discover a new stage of life by using the exact strategies I've learnt over the past few years building our business.

You were not just born to live a mediorce life, you were put here to discover, impact, inspire and pursue your dreams. It would be my mission to help you do that.

You're a special person for reading all of this. Reach out to me and tell me about the goals and dreams that are waiting for you to turn them into reality!