About Us

A family creating freedom

We are a family of four creating our own time freedom by making our income online and coaching others to do the same.

We love to travel and get away in our caravan as much as possible and have finally found the solution to do that more often.

Our two boys mean the absolute world to us and we are building the foundations to be able to spend as much time watching them grow as possible.

Let us help you to build that time freedom you have always wanted.

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How do we do it?

Multiple Streams of Income

We are big fans of having your money flowing from all directions.

Not only do we have Lewis's full time job and my new part time home based job we also have my partnership with another business that generates weekly income based on commissions plus our PASSIVE income that increases every week without us ever lifting a finger.

In just a few short years we will be able to rely solely on our passive income as it grows enough to more than double our combined current income.

We are also helping multiple families just like us get away from the dreaded 9-5 working life so they can build the dream life they have always wanted.