Here’s Why You Should Choose STEM


The STEM strand is an academic track on Senior High School SHS which stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.

STEM Strand have a set of core subjects slightly different from those taking the other strands. If you’re interested in becoming a engineer, an architect, a chemist, a doctor, or a nurse or any job related then surely you fit for this strand!

I choose this strand because it is where my dream course is aligned when I go to college. This strand helps me to give a little light about the lessons that I will encounter in my college life. As for me, I like watching medical dramas. I love how our body works and I am more curious of it.

Pursuing a STEM major will allow you a wide variety of future opportunities after graduation. Apart from that, choosing this strand will make you flexible in such that there are many different areas of specialization in this strand.

Choosing the right strand is not just about discovering and learning new things related to a subject. It is about the path that we will choose in the future. Choosing a senior high strand prepares you to make crucial decisions that will impact your future.

Learn the concepts here. Have fun and strive to learn and grow. Spark a passion on your future career in a STEM. All I can say is, STEM rocks!