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Practice these morning habits for stronger immunity

While you have a plate of organically nutritious and fortified food to thank for strong immunity, you can take it even further by employing a set of good habits to practice every morning.

Sleep Myths: Do kids recover from lost sleep by oversleeping the next day?

Getting accustomed to irregular sleep patterns causes sleep deprivation which only puts an individual at a higher risk of health problems.

5 reasons why you shouldn’t be afraid to invest in quality clothes

Investing in your wardrobe spells the end of a tireless routine of buying-wearing-washing-disposing after few uses.

This new 'BayaniHands' campaign unlocks the power of safe hands, emboldens Filipino spirit

By embracing the power of safe hands and coming together in solidarity, The Filipino Spirit can help us outlast these trying times.

Scientists say Vitamin D may be important in our fight against respiratory diseases

As people continue to stockpile Vitamin C, it is critical to know that there are other vitamins that are essential to strengthening and boosting immunity.

Today's plight calls for every Filipino to show their 'alaga' for the country in their own way

To cope with the looming situation we are facing today, here are the three S's to serve the country in your own little way.

Small steps you can take to start 2020 with the healthiest version of yourself

If you want to start the year with better health for you and your family, here are some pointers to keep in mind.

Securing jobs in light of the 'new normal' in the Philippines

Online job portal JobStreet forwards its new product #WorkNow as an approach to help limit joblessness in the Philippines.

David Beckham bats for health and wellness during his visit in Manila

Insurance company AIA Philam Life, in partnership with David Beckham, promotes healthier lifestyle for Filipinos.

No-Bake desserts you can do this weekend

These easy no-bake desserts are worth trying out this weekend!

How staying healthy can help you live your best life

Someone who understands and applies the value of emotional and mental health and wellness, on top of being fit, is the holistically healthy person.

Red flags to watch out for when borrowing money

With hard-earned cash on the line, it is prudent to be careful when dealing with money matters. When borrowing some, here are common red flags to look out for.

Published Works

How to identify a reliable employment site for overseas work

Employment sites play a huge role in a job applicants' welfare.

Four habits to teach your child while staying at home

When a child's exposure becomes limited and their experience restricted within the confines of home, how do you teach them to become strong in mind, body, and spirit?

The secret of highly efficient people

When you do this practice that highly efficient individuals go by, your productivity doubles.

foodpanda fuels commitment with advocacy, expansion, philanthropy

Launched in the Philippines back in 2014, foodpanda reaches a new milestone with uninterrupted growth in partnerships, mission-driven advocacy, and unceasing humanitarianism.

Are you paying too much for your child's wholesome diet?

Constantly switching meal plans to find the perfect fit for your child's diet? You could be spending on unnecessary things more than you realize.

Let your colored hair be runway-ready every day

Now there is a hair care solution that ensures salon-colored hair stays and lasts longer.

Get the Best #SarapMagBonding moments with your family!

Unbreakable ties within the family are nurtured through time with bonding built on trust and communication.

Do you have the right skills to make it in the BPO industry?

Ever since its inception in 1992, the BPO industry continues to prioritize trainable skills when hiring candidates.

Kathryn, Nadine, Heart, Ylona, Gabbi on overcoming self-doubt

Pond’s gathered 5 successful and self-embracing women to share about their inner hesitations, and what urged them to face them and be fearless.

Staying fit in the convenience of your own home

A personal fitness and wellness retailer develops various equipment to make staying fit while enjoying quality time at home possible.

7 bad habits to break to love your heart more

It’s time to get rid of those personal practices that place your heart health at risk.

Meet the woman behind one of the country's most trusted food corporations

Behind the success of one of the Philippines' most renowned corporations in the food industry is an empowered woman who unfailingly chased her dreams.

Published Works

Photographer Jaja Samaniego asks women to believe in themselves this International Women's Day

Ten years into her career, wedding photographer Jaja Samaniego emphasizes the importance of pursuing your dreams despite others' expectations and believing in yourself.

Feed your mood with creamy platelists

Creamy recipes are subdivided into platelists to gratify every mood.

Health benefits of soymilk and why these matter to every growing kid

With malnutrition still on the rise in the Philippines, health benefits of soymilk provide a solution for every growing Filipino kid.

Maglaba Ay 'Di Biro: Millennial moms share their laundry woes

Millennial moms share some of the most common challenges about doing the laundry.

3 heart health facts you need to know

Heart disease has affected plenty of Filipinos and high cholesterol plays a major role in this health crisis.

Celebrating compliments the Oreo way

Blushing in red, the sandwich cookie creme-filled favorite, Oreo, brings the red velvet flavor into its portfolio.

Help your child recognize their Amazing Possibles

While some decisions take rounds of contradicting conclusions, here are surefire choices to safeguard your child's 'every possible.'

Heart Evangelista reflects on health before welcoming 2020

Heart Evangelista talks about assessing her life, and how health played a part in her overall life success.

Air Fiber 5G gives glimpse of Philippine future

Globe At Home Air Fiber 5G places the country ahead in terms of intelligent digitalization.

Advocacy pushes for courage to highlight freedom to love

Closeup continues its advocacy on #FreeToLove by helping individuals muster the courage and get that confidence to get close to whomever they love.

National Pride: The Medical City delivers at SEA Games 2019

As the country unites for the 30th Southeast Asian games, Filipinos are more than ready to step up and support the country the best way they can – be it on field of competition, or behind the scenes, making sure the Filipino stamp of hospitality and service shines bright this December and beyond.

Playa Calatagan: Quality beach living for the discerning individual

This distinctive enclave is a 78-hectare residential community designed to emanate exclusivity among its residents and maximize the luxury of its amenities and spectacular scenery.


A list of events I led and handled, along with a sample of the press releases I wrote and seeded to the media accordingly.

BUKOlitan Media Conference

Cignal's 24/7 all-comedy TV channel, BuKo, provides an invigorating rush of freshness with a second season of #MaineGoals, new episodes of Kusina Ni Mamang, and the launch of satirical daily newscast, BalitaONEnan—for a MARCH pinasaya, MARCH malakas na katatawanan, and MARCH nakaka-feel good time with the family this 2022.

Seeded Press Release

My Delivery Gurl Media Conference

Kicking off 2022 with pride, this ragtag family of misfits who is forced to move from Manila to the countryside, shows what it means to survive in the most glamorous means possible!

Seeded Press Release

Di Na Muli Media Conference

Julia Barretto is back to star as the lead in this highly anticipated TV series, with Marco Gumabao and Marco Gallo, that will teach us to love without regrets.

Seeded Press Release

Ted Failon & DJ Chacha @ Radyo 5 Media Roundtable

The millenior-millenial tandem, personified by broadcast icons Ted Failon and DJ Chacha establishes intergenerational dynamics on FM radio to celebrate a one-of-a-kind format that's both serious and playful.

Seeded Press Release

Rolling In It Philippines Media Conference

Another game show that will ultimately test your luck and guts is coming to town! Watch as Yassi Pressman hosts her first ever game show in Rolling In It Philippines on TV5!

Seeded Press Release

Sing-Galing Media Conference

The Original Kantawanan ng Bansa is back with Juke Bosses Rey Valera Ronnie Liang, and Jessa Zaragoze, and Sing Masters Randy Santiago, Donita Nose, and K Brosas!

Seeded Press Release

Encounter Media Conference

Witness a different kind of love as Cristine Reyes and Diego Loyzaga lead the Philippine adapted KDrama series Encounter.

Seeded Press Release

Wanted: Ang Serye Media Conference

"Hari ng Public Service" Raffy Tulfo extends dedicated service to the common Filipino through Wanted: Ang Serye which brings to life the most talked about issues from the vaults of Wanted sa Radyo and Idol in Action.

Seeded Press Release