About Us

Where moments are created and memories are preserved

In 2020, I found my passion in preserving memories through nature and began Flat Out Florals as a fun side gig. In 2021, my other half, Nolan, joined me on the back side of things in growing this business. Fast forward to now, 2022. I have left my full time job to devote all of my time into our business. At FOF we take bits of nature and preserve it for a lifetime of beauty. We can be found in Lancaster County at a niche artisan shop, Whirligig Unique Boutiques, and in Chester County at a cute cafe, Juniper Tree. We also work directly with clients and customers to preserve meaningful arrangements from weddings, baby showers, funerals, and more. Interested in more information, please fill out the Custom Order Inquiry and we will connect with you.

Custom Order Inquiry

Wedding Floral Preservations

Preserving your wedding bouquet is a beautiful & unique way to give your florals a second chance and create a timeless memory. Pieces made with your wedding flowers also make for the perfect gift for your bridal party and family. Include your vows, a photo, wedding invitation or other elements to a frame.

Below is some of our work. Please contact us for a product price list that includes a variety of other ways to save your bouquet.

Bouquet Recreation Frame


Artist Interpretation Frame


Bridal Party Frames

Artist Interpretation Frame


Artist Interpretation Frame

Bouquet Recreation


Artist Interpretation Frame

Funeral Arrangement Preservations

Celebrate your loved ones life by preserving their memorial arrangement to capture the memories you shared & create unique pieces to keep them close to your heart. Include a photo, memorial card, or other elements to a frame.

Below is some of our work. Please contact us for a product price list that includes a variety of other ways to save memorial arrangements.

Photo + Memorial Card




Money Clip

Earring & Necklace set

How to Order

Preserving flowers from any special occasion is a unique way to capture memories. If you’re interested in more information on the process and next steps to preserve an arrangement please fill out the custom order inquiry below.

We don’t just accept fresh florals! If you saved flowers on your own and think they’re dead or too old to create a keepsake with, think again. We will work with your flowers to design an emblem for you to cherish for a lifetime.

Custom Order Inquiry

Common Questions

What is the turn around time?

About 10-12 weeks.

After your florals are put into the press they will stay there for about 8 weeks to ensure they are entirely dry before working with.

We then allot about 2 weeks to complete the order after the press is emptied.

Will I have any say on the final design/product?

Absolutely! When the press is emptied and we begin designing your order/product(s) we communicate through the entire process. We provide various mock ups and welcome feedback so we can create the perfect piece for you!

How can I get my flowers to you?

We have local drop off options in Lancaster, PA and Pottstown, PA.

If you aren’t local to either location you can ship them. We will provide you with through shipping instructions if this is the route you choose to take.

I only have a few petals from a special moment, can I still do a custom order?

If you don’t have an entire floral arrangement or only saved a few elements, need not worry! With the approval of our client/customer we have pressed florals and greenery in inventory that we can use to help fill a piece.

*We would never add outside elements without your approval.

Do you offer packages or bundles?

At this time we do not offer any packages or bundles for large orders. We do however offer a variety of high volume order and repurposing discounts. Please contact us for more information regarding discounts.

Where can I find a product price list?

Please fill out the custom order inquiry to receive the product price list or email FlatOutFlorals@gmail.com.

I received the product price list but have a vision of a product not listed. Can I do it?

Of course! We are open to all other products that you may want. Please email us with the details and we will see what we can do to work with you!

What do you do with any extra flowers?

At the completion of a custom order you get to choose from 3 options for what to do with any extra flowers.

1. Donate them to Flat Out Florals to be repurposed for other products.

2. For a small fee we can stick any extra pressed flowers in an envelope to return to you.

3. We can dispose of them.