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I’m your best friend in your head! And all I’m here to do is make sure you LIVE in your PERFECTION. Yes YOU. You’re perfect.
And I’ll prove it.

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“Jack of all trades, master of none”... I used to be terrified to tell people all the things I did... Until I realized how well I did them. A Fashion & Beauty Influencer, Self Love Coach, Confiedence activist, designer, speaker, content creator & serial entrepreneur.

About Sashagai

Over the years we’ve grown to be a family of over 100K people and that’s officially lead me to believe that I’ve successfully gotten my point across! You’re perfect and you deserve to feel great about yourself no matter what anyone else thinks. My passion for showing you the exact perfection that you are RIGHT THIS MINUTE is what I’m known for, and I couldn’t be more HONOURED about it!

In this time, I have not only encouraged thousands of women to live loudly and proudly no matter their gender, orientation, shape, race or size, I’ve also created a recognized size inclusive brand, Flaws Of Couture, that was taken up by ASOS Marketplace, Nu Ave Nails- Canada’s First Touring nail salon that features all black nail technicians, and an extremely popular LIVE SHOW/Podcast that airs weekly. - Just to name a few.

I’m really big on the concept of “putting yourself on”. We live in a very competitive time. And not everyone is secure enough within themselves to lend you an honest hand. That’s why it’s time for YOU to do the work. With my help, of course! You can make it happen. I’m a living example of it.

Welcome to the NEXT LEVEL.

Let’s build the brand of YOUR DREAMS.

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