Work with me

Become your own boss 💕

Why did I choose to become my own boss?

I’ve worked my ass off since I was 17 in the hairdressing industry, working long days, sometimes without a lunch break, resulting in back and wrist pains. The one thing that was always on my mind was ‘TIME’, time to spend with family and friends to be able to get those weekends back or even just so I can do a food shop in the middle of the day. Taking back time for myself 💪

Now I decide when I want to do hair 👏

What do I do?

I have recently started working with a cruelty free, vegan, naturally based product company called Monat. They do skincare and haircare products. MONAT is the fastest growing haircare company in the world 🌍

I am a market partner and hair influencer making money through social media, I use Instagram to promote products that I love and believe in and I get paid for it 💕

We work this business from our phones, from the pool, from anywhere in the world. If you are a mum, student, or have a full-time/part-time job and you are looking for a side hustle to spend on yourself, THIS IS FOR YOU.

Either you are interested in our products or the business, whatever your current situation. THIS IS FOR YOU.

Get in touch with me if you think this is you ✔️

Was I scared to invest in myself?
Was I skeptical about this brand?
YES! I’ve used a lot of products in my hairdressing career, many of which I love.
Was I doubting myself?
YES! I have always doubted myself in everything I do.

Did I quit?
Did I let other people’s opinions stop me?!
I’m always open to other people’s opinions but I never let it stop me believing in myself 👏

I was given this opportunity to become my own boss, work from home and more importantly to make money through social media. Now that’s cool 😎

So take 10 minutes out, go do my hair/skin quiz to find out the perfect products for you. Or even better come work with me and let’s kick some ass 💪💕