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Fleurette Ikpo a true altruistic is a energy healer, channeling light worker, multi faceted artist, Reiki Master, a being of love light & divine truth, with over 5 million views on tiktok she is the proud founder and owner of FleurLecon. She is a graduate of Texas Woman’s University with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology. Combining academia and spirituality, and being her higherself, she seeks soultions, offers guidance, teaching humans to move in a positive direction and face the challenges that are there to assist in their spiritual, emotional, and mental growth.

Fleurette receives and delivers messages of love, light, truth, and healing to all of her clients. She works under the divine in obedience to give accurate readings through a range of mediumships and uses universal life force and source energy when conducting healings, as a human, in service to the humans.

"I help those shift the mind from lower vibrational cycles to higher levels of consciousness, through self-healing, self-awareness, and self-discovery so they can

M.E.L.T. the unnecessary,
R.I.S.E. from within, &
E.L.E.V.A.T.E. to their true selves

And remember who they are"

Bartender/Server 2016 -Restaurant Ind.
Makeup artist 2019 -BGG MAKEUP
Channeler 2020 -Spiritual Awakening
Sole Entrepreneur 2021 -FleurLecon
Healer 2022 -Reiki Master
Artist 2023 - Art Gallery/Shows
Photographer 2023 -Side Income

Visionary Artist


Through channeling, messages and healings from beings of love and light give conformation to those searching for answers

Gallery Coordinator

Fleur Lecon Podcasts

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Fleur Lecon Podcasts is all about connecting with my divine self, speaking about a range of topics, deconstructing them, and providing understanding and insight from a point of view that is uninhibited by the constraints of societal norms.

The Complacency of the Bare Minimum

Losing Yourself

Manifest your thoughts into reality

Failure is Necessary

Leaving Codependency and the Toxic Behind

Confusion vs Clarity

Makeup Artist

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Speciality Drinks (Healing Cocktails)

-Flo Jo🫗 (watermelon)
-I Dont🥃(hibiscus)
-Blacker the Berry🍹(blackberry)
-Cucumber Crisp🧉(cucumber)
-Sweetie Martini 🍸(melon)

What makes my cocktails different from any other is I infuse the drinks with energy healing so that there is balance to your night of fun with love and light energy


"Basic" package- 1 cocktails
$250 for 2hrs
"I got it" package- 3 cocktails
$500 for 4hrs
"I want it all" package- 5 cocktails
$1000 for All day/night