welcome to my website!

basically my coloring, fonts and more

𓍯 my note to you:
first of all i just wanna say thank you to my 1.3k amazing supporters! i am truly so grateful and i don’t even know how to thank you enough. so, i’ve made this website to help you with my fonts, colorings, and other things! again, ilysm thank you!

✿ things to give creds for: ✿
coloring/theme: yes pls, it’s taken me a long time to create my themes and colorings and if you use it of pls give credit either in ur bio or in the caption of every video. credits are not optional, thank you!

caption: nope! <3

bio: nope! <3

pfp: my pfp is either matching with someone or it has my wm on it

✿ addressing things ✿
self promo: many ppl are doing self promo on my acc but i don’t allow sp! if you comment self promo ur comment will be deleted and if u spam my comments you will most likely be blocked. pls do not take it personally, i have chosen to not allow sp, thank you

theme stickers:
- pls do not make stickers of my theme ty!

- pls don’t ask me to trade my acc for something! i likely say no and i won’t trade my acc at all!

- i don’t really let people log into my acc so pls don’t ask!