About me

Proudly multi-hyphenate

Floesie is the multi-disciplinary and multi-hyphenate persona of I, Salma.

I specialize in guidance through tarot readings and tropical astrology consultations using my years of self-taught esoteric education and liberal arts background.

I have spent most of my teenage years studying philosophy and astrology because I felt lost just like any young individual. Most of what I have learned I have learned on my own, and I am now committed to share with other individuals the appropriate tools and the additive knowledge to align our material obligations with our spiritual path.

I align myself with Tropical Western Astrology because it is a choice attached to my upbringing. I have studied Traditional Astrology but I also choose to apply Modern Astrology principles in my consultations. I believe in multidimensional learning and teaching, however it is difficult to consider the vastness of different systems in astrology teachings when doing personal consultations.

My ethos :

My method consists of Tropical Astrology, combined with Jungian principles, Empiricism and Symbolic studies. My approach is constantly adapting to the vision and the direction of our society, therefore it is never static or dogmatic. The beauty of Astrology is a reflection of our multidimensional and ever-growing collective consciousness.

My goal is to share knowledge and pieces of wisdom whether it is through art, my poetry, my tarot and astrology consultations or even through daily interactions and artistic collaboration.

If you have any questions about my path, my practice or if you want to collaborate with me, you are free to contact me by email.

* I am based in Montreal, Canada.*