hey! welcome to @florasnkn’s milkshake website!

i will show all my fonts, colorings, and tutorials on everything! also don’t forget to be kind and spread positivity! <3

About me

here’s a little get to know me!

hey! my name is alyssa, I’m 11 years old ( turning 12 august 27th! ) and I live in Arizona! I have multiple other accounts such as @favsnkn @multisenjoy @skatrbebes @skatrsharkies @alyssambl @.beachsoundz ! some of my hobbies are drawing, playing softball, making videos, listen to music, and sometimes play roblox!


here are the fonts i use!

question: futurahandwritten
watermark: better together spaced
transparent box: it could be any font it doesn’t matter
please put tc ( theme credits ) in bio if you use my theme please!

coloring tut

here is my coloring tut!

coloring tut!

Red Flavour

Exposure: -25
Highlights: -30
Shadows: -25
Saturation: -15
Blur: 25

Clarity: -10 or -7 ( whatever you like best )
Emphasize: +6
Red Saturation: -4
give credits if you use please! to give credits just put cc ( coloring credits ) in bio! example: cc: @florasnkn.

box tut

this is a tut for the box in my theme! ( the box that’s behind the question )

box tut!

1. open the app vont
2. add a video you want text on
3. click on the video to add text
4. press the space bar 3 times
5. press done
6. press style
7. click on background
8. scroll all the way down and you’ll see a button that says ABC with a gray outline
9. click on that button
10. scroll down till you see ABC with a white outline it should say “stroke” below it. it’s the first one that says “stroke underneath it
11. click on that button
12. adjust the setting to whatever you want, you can change the color, size, opacity etc.
13. to make the box transparent adjust the alpha
and your done!
please give tc ( theme credits ) if you use my theme please! you can give credits the same way you can for coloring ( putting tc in bio ) example: tc: @florasnkn