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This is essentially a place to profess my undying love for my current interests ;) The arts & music, fashion, lifestyle and those late -night deep chats about the world are what tickle my fancy. Thanks for browsing through!

My Current Favourites

These are just some of the things I have really been liking lately!

I will include a link to any websites where possible so you can check things out :)


COSRX is a Korean skincare brand that is cruelty free and hypoallergenic tested in Korea. I have only tried their "AC Collection Acne Patch" but I have repurchased them time and time again. They work so well for any whiteheads that tend to show up during that time of the month. These guys are a hydrocolloid bandage that absorb fluids and help speed healing. Plus, it helps me to not touch my pimples. Also, they are affordable (about $8CDN for a pack of 24)


Native is an American company that sells personal care items. They are cruelty free and cater to people looking for clean ingredients. I gave them a shot because I wanted to try an aluminum-free deodorant. I had tried so many other natural-type deodorants but they never did their job. Native deodorants actually work, do not stain my clothes, and are long lasting (I usually apply 2x a day). Their scents are also great (they have an unscented one too but I prefer the formula of their scented ones). Lastly, they have free shipping, coupon codes, and great customer service.


DECIEM |The Abnormal Beauty Company has its origins in Canada. They sell different beauty brands which are all under the name DECIEM. Perhaps their most famous is their brand "The Ordinary." The company has become known for providing typically pricey skincare items at affordable prices. Their squalene oil and "The buffet" serum work so well and are priced at $10-12 that I find no reason to look elsewhere for hydrating products to add before my moisturizer (my skin is dry, acne prone, and I use prescription Retin-A). Sidenote: The Ordinary products are usually named after the ingredients that are high up there in the product ingredient list. I find this makes it easier for me to do research on a product and see if the ingredients have been backed by scientific literature.


We need to shop responsibly and realize the crazy amounts of environmental resources involved for the mass production of clothes in our world of fast fashion. It is important to actually wear the clothes we already have before buying more. Wherever I can I try to trade in any clothes that are still nice, but I just don't wear. I do shop second hand (Platos Closet is my go-to), and when I do buy new I try to get better quality pieces that I know will last longer. I also try to get closet staples (things I know I will use often and are easy to mix and match). I give in to fast fashion sometimes, yes, but let's try to be more mindful :) That is all for my rant. Stay fresh out there folks ✌🏼

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