A bit about us!

Florida born & Raised Alaskan Malamutes

Hello friends young and old middle-aged or all the like you came here for a reason because you obviously love dogs! If you have been curious about the malamute breed I’m here to share what little bits I do know. We are growing and learning new things as a pack every day , but by all means we are not experts at this. We still strive to bring smiles to people‘s faces and spread awareness about how great we can be in a family setting. If you would like to make a donation to either of the pups feel free to send some money via this
Venmo account: Lea-Odchigue 
For every donation we receive it will go to helping out with; vet bills, grooming expenses & training. Out of every donation we will be putting one dollar aside towards “Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary,” located in New Mexico to help with efforts to feed the wolves there who are no longer fit to live in the wild anymore or are wolf dog hybrids And unable to live in a home environment. The sanctuary has always been near and dear to my heart and this is one of my top Goals I want to work on this year to give back to them. Let’s start small with a goal of $500!
(Side Note:) Alaskan Malamutes I just want to clarify are NOT in the Wolf family they have been domesticated for years. Malamutes are not to be confused with wolves if you are thinking about adopting or rescuing one. It might seem that their likeness it’s definitely comparable to a wolf in some ways depending on the markings etc. as they are used a lot in Hollywood and TV shows to take the place of wolves but this is not the case.
Everyone have a blessed day and thank you for visiting Floridogfloofs page and this website! Remember to hold your pups tight and close and tell them you love them every day!