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Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, My name is samantha and I will like to share with you an amazing hair care routine for your type of hair ✨

First, I will like to share a little story about me and my hair type. One of the most important thing on my body to me is my hair! if my hair is bad... I am having a bad day and feeling insecure! With years of dying my hair, using tons of hair products, using too much heat, and even being on birth control my hair damaged a whole lot. It became dry, had split ends, I lost my curls/waves, and had a lot of breakage to the point chunks of hair will fall out with combing and/or washing which made my hair very thin. With many products even the most expensive, I did NOT find anything to help me out... Thankfully, a good friend of mine introduced me to this flourishing product called MONAT!! When she had first told me about it and the price of the product I was unsure about it, but I took the shot and I must say, after YEARS of trying to find a solution I do NOT regret buying this product! It literally changes how you feel about yourself and your flourishing hair! Tired of putting in too much shampoo? Tired of putting in too much conditioner for treatment? Tired of having dry hair? Tired of losing hair or getting bald patches? Tired of buying tons of hair products and not finding the RIGHT ONE for YOU👇🏼! Let me help you Ladies and Gentlemen find what’s right for your hair type with the amazing Monat product. Let me help you begin your Hair Care Routine and watch amazing results⚠️ This product is honestly the most trusting and healthiest product to use for your Hair Care Routine it is Anti-aging, Vegan, gluten free and chemical free! It Does NOT get any better than that!! It does work for ALL hair types! and we can get you started in just a ONE easy step☝🏼.

The one step to take is filling out this questionnaire so I can help you achieve your healthy hair goals!!!

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