Who Am I?

I am Flowen, and this is my personal blog/journal.

I am a *bleep*-year-old frustrated visual and performing artist, and in addition to my current role, I dream of becoming a freelance traditional and digital artist. I love doing arts and crafts, and I had been making paper flowers and do-it-yourself bookmarkers during my time off. I love animals, specially cats and dogs. I don't really like colors; I am well-pleased with just either black or white, and nude or earth. I love reading manga and manhwa, with genre anything from gore, horror, thriller, and perhaps, sometimes, rom-com. I also love watching movies with the same genre as manga and manhwa but with the addition of zombies: I love zombies. I also love Trevor Hall, bags, stationeries, nail polish, foods, Studio Ghibli, Paramore, calligraphy, typography, crime scene investigation documentaries and series, and more.
Also, I am in a more-than-seven-year relationship with my boyfriend, Jomare; he is also my best and closest friend.

I am a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, major in Financial Management, and a 36-unit completer of Continuing Professional Education, major in Social Studies, at Negros Oriental State University and currently completing my Master’s Degree in History.
I was a copy editor for more than two years in a business process outsourcing firm with topics/subjects ranging from medical to science, to social sciences, and more, and am a freelance copy editor and proofreader. I am also a Licensed Professional Teacher and a Career Civil Service (Professional) Passer, and was an English as Secondary Language teacher. I am planning on applying as a public secondary teacher in the future and dreaming of becoming a freelance traditional and digital artist.

And that is just about who I am.



1. Memoir
I almost always tend to forget recollections of few months or so, so it is nice to keep track of things and save memories so I can always look back and feel the moment when I first experienced and did things. With this personal blog/journal, I hope to see the progress in me, my life, my passion, my career, and anything in between.
2. To Practice Writing
Writing has been a part of me. I had been inclined with writing from grade to high school. In grade school, I would enjoy writing essays during my English and Filipino subjects and had the opportunity of being part of an essay writing contest. While I was in high school, I became a member of English club and a journalist in our school paper, specifically sports writing and cartoonist, which gave me the chance of participating in regional-level National Schools Press Conference. I do not really know how I ended up becoming part of this club and contest and becoming a school journalist, and I did not really take it seriously; in fact, I just took it for granted and I did just go with the flow. I am not really that confident with my writing skills, and what I write and can write are just plain, basic sentences with no use of fancy words and just unfussy writing style. Nevertheless, the whole point of writing is to get the message through, and that is what I am trying to do.
3. To Share and Relate
Sharing bridges connection with others, and although I consider myself quasi-introvert, sharing ideas and things with others, and therefore relating to and with them, would not hurt.
4. Mild and Occasional Narcissism
Being a mild and occasional narcissist at times is not a sin. Being loud and proud of and calling attention to the things that you have done, created, and copped; accomplishment that you have achieved; and memories that you have experienced with people that matter to you is permitted but should be with restrictions. Occasionally displaying luxury, comfort, and bells and whistles, through your hard-earned means and tender, are perfectly acceptable.
5. Humdrum
Yes. I am just bored.