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Hi! My name is Carlie, it's lovely to meet you,

Through this website I will be selling ballerina themed merchandise, all in aid of the illness Endometriosis, with all profits going to the Charity; Endometriosis UK

As well as sharing our merchandise with you we will also inform you on the illness and places you can go if you have symptoms, I will also be creating a safe place for people to be themselves.

Thank you,



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A collection of my products which can be purchased by following the Discord Link,
All profits go to Endometriosis Uk Charity.

Flowers in My Uterus

An Endometriosis Novel, Flowers in My Uterus explores the life of young Ballerina Paige and her journey through life, while also having to cope with undiagnosed illness Endometriosis

Endo Warrior bracelet

Choice of 2 bracelets with Ballet slipper charm. Wear with pride as you help raise money for Endometriosis Uk and showcase awareness for the hidden illness

Ballerina Phone Case

Any Brand, Any Size. Ballerina phone case encouraging strength and unity, while also raising awareness for Endometriosis

Endo Warrior Pin Page

Pin badge design showcasing unity and strength

Keep Spinning Tee

Ballerina tee, show your support by wearing this item #EndoWarrior

Keep Spinning Hoodie

Comfortable Hoodie showing #EndoWarriors your support!

Flowers In My Uterus, Hardback Novel - £8.99

An Endometriosis Story

Endo Warrior Bracelet - £2.99

Just keep Spinning

Endo Warrior Phone Case - £5.99

Just Keep Spinning

Endo Warrior Pin - £3.49

Always Be On Point

Keep Spinning Tee - £12.99


Keep Spinning Hoodie - £17.99