Worship Songs

Worship songs I listen to when anxiety gets the best of me.

Dancing on the Waves

by We The Kingdom

Run to the Father

by Cody Carnes


What is a flowing stream?

Letting Go

Something magical happens when you let go, when you choose to surrender everything. You may not see it happen in a blink of an eye but just you wait. Little by little things would get lighter and brighter.  You'll start to notice that you're humming again to songs that used to make you cry. You start smiling. You start singing and dancing again in the shower. You suddenly have a lot of time to binge watch all those K-dramas you've missed. You start dressing up and putting a little dust of make up on your face. You start hanging out with  friends who missed your presence. And most of all you found rest. Those little things that you stopped doing because you were hurting. You start to believe in yourself again. You found the confidence you lost in the sea of doubts. And as you let go, you start to make sense of the things that you question God for.  The ambiguity and confusion are starting to get clear. You start to let God heal you and to let God work within you. And bit by bit you start to appreciate yourself more. Your flaws, your imperfections that made you uniquely you. You remember who you were before all the chaos happened. All these because you laid it all down at His feet. You are being renewed into something greater. To cave in from a battle that is beyond you takes alot of courage. But remember that SURRENDER doesn't always mean DEFEAT. Sometimes, it means that you value yourself more; and knowing your WORTH means you still end up VICTORIOUS because you know that you deserve something better and you know that God is with you and is for you.

Pangalawang Bitaw

by The Juans

Listen Here.

We're in a fast pacing world where people are always in a hurry. Where people loves the rush and the adrenaline. Where people loves beating the deadlines. Where people think that life is a race track and finishing first is the utmost priority. I think at some point in our lives, most if not all are guilty to this, I myself included. We all seem to want to move fast. We rush into things because we feel like we are not doing enough and we're not being productive enough. We want to get things done as fast as we can. We want to see the outcome in an instant. We want to see results quick but then we get frustrated when the byproduct didn't live up to our expectations. We think that we're progressing when we move fast when in fact it's only pushing us further back. Rushing often leads to frustrations and more room for mistakes. Thus, taking us a step back instead of forward. We need to remember how to slow down and breathe in the moment. We tend to associate slow to unproductiveness when in truth slow is still progress. What we don't understand is that when we rush things we forget to live in the present, to live in the now. We're too excited for the future that we missed out what God is calling us to do in this season. We missed what God is trying to establish within us. We miss the opportunity to grow, to persevere, to deepen our faith, and to trust Him more. Sometimes, in our hurry to get to the promise land we forget the One who made the promise. We focus our energy more onto the prize rather than the One who prepared it. But you see, beautiful things take time. For a rock to become a diamond it takes a billion years. Don't miss out what God is trying to teach you in this season. He may be asking you to be more patient, more understanding, to be more compassionate, to be much stronger, or to simply be available. God is putting a new spirit in you to better equip you so when you get to the promise you'll not only gain knowledge but also wisdom. So you'll know how to cultivate it so it would be more fruitful. We just have to trust His process because it's all for our good. God is for me and you. He would never forsake us. We can be confident that God is doing something great in background. He hears you, but can you hear Him say: "My child, slow down. You don't have to hurry. I am with you every step of the way. I am preparing a way in the wilderness for you to walk through. Take your time. Walk at my pace. Dance in my rhythm. Slow and steady. You don't have to compare your growth to others. You don't have to push yourself to the extent of exhaustion and frustration. You don't have to be afraid of missing out because in me you are enough, in me you will have enough. My grace is sufficient and my promise wouldn't change but you have to be ready to receive it. Stop rushing. Stop moving fast. Slow doesn't mean you're not progressing. You are changing, you are becoming, you are being renewed. So, be here in this moment. Grow where you need to grow, trust and seek me more. " If there's anything I've learned in my walk with Jesus it's: (1) to always be GRATEFUL. Some of the greatest blessings we receive comes in small packages that they normally go unnoticed. And sometimes were so busy comparing our lives to others we forget to be thankful with our own blessings. But if we keep a grateful heart and fixed our eyes on God, we will learn to focus on things that truly matters (2) to be CONSISTENT. Because consistency in the long run is more beneficial than being hasty and careless to get things done. To continue showing up and do things that I am called to do even if it looks or sound scary or even if it doesn't make sense. Because I know that one day God will get me to the season and reveal to me it's relevance (3) to TRUST and not to RUSH. To be in the now. To take my season as a learning moment. That slowing down won't hurt and it doesn't hinder you from the promises He made. That slowing down won't delay but instead prepare me to get to the promise. That slow is the fastest, most efficient and effective way to see what God is teaching you. That a slow and steady growth is a meaningful growth. One that is built on God's trust and one that resonates purpose.

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