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So, a short tale of my journey and why at age 60 I started my online business.

I realised in 2011 when forced to decide between unsuccessfully trying to balance a stressful management career with caring for my ailing parents ~ that my advice to myself and my children ~ as the "experienced adult" ~ to work hard, find a steady job, start saving early for a pension pot ...and wait for 30 - 40+ years for permission to enjoy this life to the full.....


Like most people I was living a conditioned lifestyle. Limiting my own potential because I now realise I had never been taught the tools and knowledge to grow.

I was surrounded by normal hard working people doing their best.....or what they had been led to believe was their best.

I had been 'educated' to think inside a box. Maybe it was time for me to rethink...?

I began a journey of reflection which led me to Reiki. I trained as a Reiki Master. I realised my purpose was to help others grow to live their best life and to push myself to live my best life

....and there was very little support to find the balance I was seeking within the work, sleep, save, repeat, retire ~ existence.

May 2020. LOCKDOWN. My daughter Lisa joined this social media training platform and business support community - alongside working a 40+hour corporate career.

She made some attitude changes.

😊She undertook simple step by step training
😊She consistently implemented what she was learning
😊She received constant motivational coaching and mindset training offered within the community
☺️She started her own business online within the platform

Nov 2020; 6 months later, she left her corporate career to concentrate on building her new business and begin living the freedom lifestyle.

I admit I had been extremely sceptical. Wary. Doubtful. To a point that I really did not encourage Lisa at all in the beginning.

Yet watching her develop her confidence by being guided and supported I soon realised this opportunity could also provide me with the freedom lifestyle and financial freedom to allow me help others and kiss goodbye to the prospect of merely a pension lifestyle.

If you find a proven business model, full ongoing training & support; take the time to learn & grow; there are no limits on what you can achieve.

The digital era is here. It is opening possibilities of freedom unheard of to my parents.

So age 60 I joined the digital era.

My long term goal is to create a holistic energy retreat to empower children who have experienced abuse.

I am now building a sustainable business to support this. Alongside this - i exchanged waiting 7 years for the pension lifestyle and instead have committed my energy into building my business over the next couple of years - to enjoy living freely, life long into the future.

My favourite part of my journey so far?


This growing community of over 6000 action takers have inspired me to see beyond the boundaries our limiting beliefs create.

I am looking to work and support others who believe in their dreams and believe in themselves enough to make it happen!

If that's you - come and have a chat 😊
Don't wait until you retire almost got me!!