Blossom Legacy Challenge

10 generations of sims with the last name Blossom

The Blossom Legacy is kinda inspired by the Not so Berry Challenge. Each generation has different goals to complete and a style to have for each sim. I tried, enjoy!

Not So Berry

Generation 1: Flirty Actress/Actor

You're an actress/actor that has an odd fascination with the colour pink

You have always had an interest in the preforming arts but you never got to go to drama club, etc because of all of your partners.
Goals: reach (at least) level 6 of the acting career, have at least 4 partners in your whole lifetime, marry one of your co-stars, divorce who you get married to, have a one night stand that you get pregnant/get impregnated by and have triplets (use mccc to cheat it, {sorry console players})
Aspiration: Serial Romantic | Traits: Creative, Romantic, Self-Assured

Generation 2: Insecure Freelancer

Every night, your parent brings home a different person

After being neglected by your parent, you think it's time for a change. You run away to Newcrest where new(crest) beginnings await.
Goals: Get the freelancer trophy (also you can do any freelancing category but the traits benefit the digital artist/crafting ones the best), run away as a teen, stop showing up to school after you run away, get a teenage love interest and become a teen parent, marry in your early young adult stage
Aspiration: Master Maker | Traits: Gloomy, Maker, Art Lover

Generation 3: Nature Extraordinaire —

Artsy Nature Lover

Your parent's love for art rubbed off on you a little bit but your interest goes 98% to nature.
Goals: be a scout as a teen/child, move onto a farm as an adult, have one kid only, own at least 10 pieces of art in your home, only get married as an elder, max gardener career (botanist field)
Aspiration: Freelance Botanist | Traits: loves outdoors, art lover, ambitious

Generation 4: Lazy Cat Lover

You're a Cat Lover With 0 Work Ethic

After getting everything you wanted from your parents, you never really had to work hard for your stuff. So here you are, borrowing loans from your parents every week and only getting a few collectibles from nature for money.

Goals: complete element table, adopt a child (this'll be your only child), own 5 cats at once, only get your money from collectibles and loans from your relatives
Aspiration: Successful Lineage | Traits: Lazy, Cat Lover, Hot-Headed

Generation 5: Funny Businessman/Woman

Yeet :)

After getting nothing you wanted as a child, you grew to just make self-deprecating jokes about it but you still have great ambition and have more drive than anyone in Simland
Max business career (investor branch), have a house that's worth more than 100,000, max charisma skill, max logic skill, max comedy skill
Aspiration: Mansion Baron | Traits: Ambitious, Goofball, Materialistic