about me!

。˚⋆ ꒰ About Me ꒱ ₊˚‧✧ ࿐

ฅ ello, my name is Akari, and i do art and graphics! I am self taught and enjoyed drawing and doodling since i was 10.

ฅ i started doing graphic designing when i was 12 and drawing digitally when i was 13. I personally use Pixlr, iMovie and Sketchbook to edit and create my work.

ฅ when i first started, i did roblox GFX and now i make discord emotes, characters, profile pictures, youtube intro/outro, banners and more!!

ฅ my gfx and art prices can be found in my commissions highlight, information on my tos/rules + how to order will be included.

。˚⋆ ꒰ Some Random FAQ ꒱ ₊˚‧✧ ࿐

ฅ Are your works F2U? Only if i say so

ฅ How old are you? 13

ฅ Pronouns? She/Her and They/them

ฅ Do you play games? Yes Roblox and Minecraft

ฅ How long, on average does GFX/Art take? It ranges from an hour to 3 days

ฅ Can you draw scenery and backgrounds? Nope, still learning, i only do characters/discord emotes now :))

About me !!

Get to know me !!

Hello everyone!! I’m asuki
My pronouns are she / her , i am 13 years old and my star sign is ♏️
i live in Singapore

What are my hobbies ?
I like sports , playing the piano ( a odd combination) and drawing

What I want to be / my dreams
I want to be an athlete
I want to start a YouTube channel

That’s it ! Thanks for looking