Inside Sparrow’s Beautiful Mind

Beauty is Deeper Than the Skin We See

“When I was a very young girl years ago, I imagined myself modeling because I just knew that I had some sort of a purpose in the world of fashion and beauty. To me at such a young age, I believed in being a role model (positive influence) for others around me, which has a much deeper impact than just having physical attributes that make up a model.

I wasn’t too confident within myself starting out my modeling career as a child because of how the industry was being portrayed and I would come across people saying I had to look and be a certain way to be a model. Basically there was an image being formulated in my mind of how I should be as a model, rather than me just being myself.

Because of that misconception I started out with at a young and vulnerable age, I spent years away from pursuing a career in modeling, just so I could learn and discover more about myself and accept, love, and appreciate myself for who I am.
Because I took that time, I came back stronger, wiser, more confident, poised, and ready to share my inner and outer beauty with the world. At the beginning of 2018 I planted seeds for myself with modeling again and ever since I’ve been blessed with opportunity after opportunity, coming across and modeling with Top Models from America’s Next Top Model, expanding myself more by being booked in runway shows, print magazines, music video shoots, etc. My favorite thing is getting to travel to do what I love which allows me to grow myself.

Everything I’ve done so far has all been from my own networking and self management that I’ve done, in which I’m most proud of because that alone can be a lot, but I conquer everything I set my mind to. Most importantly is I finally have believed in myself more, accepted my inner and natural beauty, and understand that being my beautiful and authentic self is all I ever need.

This is just the beginning and I’m so empowered to share more of my stories and create an insight of my journey to share with others to encourage and uplift those around me, because that is what life is about. Spreading as much love and positivity as possible.”

Voyage Dallas Magazine Interview