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a little about us :)

foamchavdi has two owners that are best friends :) are names are Emily and Ally. Emily is owner #1 and Ally is owner #2
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About Emily

A little about Emily: I am a fan page on Tiktok and insta and a Roblox YouTuber! There is a lot of things I got add here like my stans, but they are in heart not in a website! I love posting edits and kinda aesthetic vids because they are satisfying and they make me happy! Some facts about me : I’m a girl, I use the pronouns (she, her) I’m in Junior High, and I’m quite cringe. If you have any suggestions on how I can improve please dm me on insta! I have a ton of fp tiktok accs and insta’s that will be in the next slide. And I have my own milkshake website if you look at the bottom of this page. I take a lotta time time on my videos and edits so I really hope you can share them with friends, or repost them! Have an amazing day or night! If you have and questions dm me on insta.

About Ally

Hello i'm Ally/Alina

I am a FP/ FanPage on TikTok. I have multiple FP accounts . My main account is @foamchavdi and allym131. I Love to make good Content . My favorite editing apps are Colortune, Vont, CapCut, and Ultralight .
I go by the Pronouns her and she. I am normally a awkward person When I first meet them. some may say that I talk to much and am very loud. I work very hard on my edits so it would make my day if you can share it with your friends or repost them. I also have a Youtube account Where I post Roblox vids. My channel is called
Ally_M .

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