Hey guys, Chloe here!

The girl who loves to eat her way through life whilst finding fun adventures to pass the time away with.

I'm a 90s baby at heart, lover of all things hippy and retro. If I could quit my day job, I'd buy a VW vintage camper van, throw in a pup and travel the world!

BUT.... for now Instagram is my hobby, an escapism from real life, where I will be bringing you a whole bunch of my favourites from, fashion, beauty, travel tips and great food finds. The only thing you won't ever find on my page is health tips! Ain't no one got time for that.

Thanks for coming along for the ride.

Chloe xx

My top picks

How to get through quarantine

Here you will find a bunch of my favourites to help you pass the time during quarantine. I'm preferring to embrace this lockdown period instead of resenting it. It's a time to press that reset button, slow the hell down and re-evaluate life.

Recommendation #1

The happy news!

With everything that's happening in the world right now, we all deserve some happy news. I've just signed up to this awesome newspaper that only publishes HAPPY news. Imagine a world where all we ever heard about was happy news.

Recommendation #2

Home made gooey chocolate brownies

I refuse to conform to society and bake banana bread or whisk iced coffee so here's a cheeky recipe for something that actually tastes GOOD. For extra chocolate goodness throw in some left over Easter treats like mini eggs or mini chocolates. It will basically be a different surprise with every mouthful!

Recommendation #3

DIY Cinema

We can't go to the cinema right now but who's to say the cinema can't come to us!!! Grab your favourite sippy cups, a bowl full of microwave popcorn, a bunch of blankets and cushions, hang up some fairy lights and put on your favourite movie! Obviously I've linked Disneyplus because if you can't find one of your favourite classics on there then I can't even help you right now. Also they have a 7 day free trial for you to abuse if you don't want to commit and purchase the whole thing.

Recommendation #4

Get rid

Who else is saving to go spending after lockdown?? It's not like any of our clothes are even going to still be in fashion after quarantine finishes anyway, so what better time than now to go clear out all your wardrobes and drawers and start up a charity bag!!

Recommendation #5

Home made pizza competition

Pizza is life. Life is pizza. Agreed?
Well incorporate pizza in to your quarantine life and have a pizza-off.

We're all getting crazy creative with our cooking skills these days so be sure to make your own dough otherwise it doesn't count! One top tip is to use cheese strings to make stuffed crusts! Just wrap the dough around the cheese string and watch it melt!

One last thing. Does pineapple belong on pizza?

My favourite quote

What happened, happened, and it couldn't have happened any other way because then it wouldn't have happened.