Coloring 🧋 —

How I color my videos 🍡🧋

I don't actually color my videos with coloring apps, I use pinterest. You may think this is stealing colored videos but trust me, it's not! I check the description to see if they say it's free of just add to the search.


Step 1, first go to pinterest and search "Free ultralight Addison Rae videos" If your supporting a different person, replace Addison rae with that persons full name.

Step 2, Find the video you'd like to be in your video and press the three dots.

Step 3, Press "Copy link" and then exit pinterest.

Step 4, go to google and search "Pinterest video downloader" and click in the FIRST link it shows you.

Step 5, Scroll down and paste the link for the video you just downloaded.

Step 6, it'll show you a preview of the video and then press the three dots on the video again.

Step 7, Press download!

Then your done downloading the video!

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How I add texts to make videos!

The app I use is Vont!

Steps: 🍡

Step 1, download any don't you want from! I use "Hug me right" and sometimes "Love"

Step 2, go to vont and upload to video you downloaded from Pinterest!

Step 3, press "add text" and go to "my fonts" and the font(s) you downloaded will be there!

Step 4, write anything you want!!

Enjoy! 🧋🍡

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