what’s on my website?

this is what’s on my website!

hello, i have made a short website including my fonts, color codes, appreciation, coloring, etc. a lot of y’all have been asking so i will be making this website! :)

about me :)

this is some stuff about me :)

some stuff about me because why not?
• i am 11 years old
• my name is rylynn
• i have 1 ibf (sunkiesvelo)
• i’ve been a fanpage for char
for 2 days but I have been in
her fandom before
• and that’s it :))

coloring tutorial :)

here is a coloring tutorial! ALL CREDITS TO @dotscr GIVE CREDS TO HER, NOT ME.

first app is 24fps:
enter the qr
code which is on
the next slide into 24fps.
(look up a tutorial)
exposure: 70
contrast: -50
highlights: -50
shadows: -50
saturation: -20
blur: 50
filter: porcelain
filter at 70
effect: dust
dust: 100
filter: 50
add your text
in vont!
(next slide is font pack)
hit the “jasmine hand” button
in collections and hit the filter
marble at 100%!

qr code!

here is the qr code!

this is the qr code. it should
be labeled as the code
(let me know if it doesn’t

font pack!

this is a font pack! give creds to dotsre + onlycrs IN YOUR BIO.

i am not able to get
all of the fonts, go to
@onlycrs and in her bio
she has a font pack, if she
doesn’t go to @dotsre and
try to find it. so sorry :(

color codes!

i’ve got a ton of color code requests, so here it is!

color codes:
pink: E2C6BF
blue: D7DEE6
yellow: F7E7C9


i love you guys!!

all i want to say here is that
I love all of you so much. I didn’t
think i would come this far and it
finally happened. you guys are the
best and cgd ily as well and same
with regina. love you all!! < 33