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About Me

Hey! My name is Tasheika and Iā€™m a Hotel and Resort Management student who loves to travel around her country for food and adventures.

If I were to sit here and pinpoint one specific thing that brings me incomparable joy, it would undoubtedly be the aspects of Food & Adventures.

Not only is it a personal passion of mine, but these topics burn a fire to my core that is truly hard to contain.

Everything food and food affiliated, encompasses my life and its journey. Not to mention adventures and finding new places to go. Now walk with me. This became a part of my life since as far back as my mind allows me to go.

What I wish to accomplish through this blog is to bring my fellow food and adventure lovers, of all ages, on a journey where they can experience all with me while highlighting the myriad of places that are out there if it is that they themselves are curious about starting their own experience.

As we go forward my audience can look forward to me starting a YouTube channel and vlog that will see me going around all of this beautiful island, trying dishes, finding new adventures and bringing you to different spots in all parishes. Stay tuned!

Find me on Instagram:
@foodiee_tash & @explorewithtash