Are you ready for a new way of life?



I want to take “trust your gut” to the next level...

My name is Karris and I am NOT a “foodie”.

I like to consider myself a Foodist. If you think I’m splitting’re probably right. But you’re here now and the hair is split so let me explain:
A Foodist celebrates food while acknowledging both the nutrition and psychology of food.
Do I subscribe to a specific diet? No. Do I live solely off of leafy greens or purely juice cleanses and healthy fats? No. But I do eat well. And I’d bet money that you probably do too. But it’s how you define “well” that makes or breaks your perception.
I’m here to be you’re “guide” through a food awakening. Not just with eating, but with cooking too! Foodism was born from my love of both eating and cooking with and for others.

For years I’ve tried hosting dinners, sending out plates, making videos and writing out recipes. But I always found myself unfulfilled by just doing one of those at a time, and overwhelmed trying to do all of those at once.
My one true goal was twofold- I wanted to foster community and encourage people to get in the kitchen. I wanted to make meals fun again. From prep to plate, mealtime is special and meant to be enjoyed without me collapsing from exhaustion trying to make fifty plates of whatever each time I cooked. Especially because...I never charged for a meal...and likely never will...but that grocery bill was telling me, there has to be another way. And it was right.

Thus, Foodism was born.

Whether you’re cooking for one or ten, take back your kitchen experience. With carefully curated boxes, pre-determined dinner ideas, and plenty of recipes to choose from, my hope is that, together, we will foster a community of people who take pride in creating a masterpiece out of a meal. Without Tahitian truffles or Saffron from Spain. Without having to follow complicated recipes and overwhelming amounts of steps. Without having to give up and order pizza because you burned it all...

Trust me, I’ve thought of it all, because I’ve done it all. Food doesn’t have to be complicated to be beautiful, comforting, or delicious.

My name is Karris, and I’m a real person, who makes real food, for real people. I hope you enjoy!